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Photo of the day: Brandi Chastain

Brandi Chastain fell to the ground in relief after scoring a second-half equalizer against Germany in the quarterfinals of the 1999 World Cup. It is widely known as ‘the redemption goal,’ because in the 5th minute, Chastain made an errant back pass to Briana Scurry, resulting in an own goal that gave Germany the lead. 27 more words


From the other side

Depending on your religious-philosophical-educational background you probably have an opinion on what lies beyond the moment of death. For some people they get to a beautiful place where they will meet their family and friends once more, for others they will go to a place with beautiful maidens that will treat them as kings, for others you just fall into a deep sleep and maybe someday you will be awaken to be judged with the rest of humanity. 596 more words


In The New House

We’ve moved into the new house. All our stuff from California is here and we moved all the stuff from MIL’s house here. Last night we slept on the floor but tonight we are sleeping back in our king sized bed.. 211 more words


The outcome

Yesterday started with this.

After many hours there was this.

Then quite a bit of this.

My head hurts today but my heart is happy. 14 more words

so that were day 3, 4 and 5...

and I am pleased to say without much trouble or sad thoughts.
I had no more headaches in the afternoon, good sleeps (although one night I dreamt I smoked siggies and drank alcohol). 355 more words


Have you ever felt that it’s a relief to cry? To be able to let go, and to be who you really are, and feel what you really feel? 656 more words

University Days

Jumping To Light Speed

I don’t think we can get to the easier road until we come to appreciate the more difficult one. I know that isn’t welcome news, especially amid the mire. 434 more words