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Ham Radios on Battery Power - Part #2

You want reliable power for your radio operations, a solar system may not always do the job. Here is where it might get a bit tricky but I believe I have worked out all the fine details. 899 more words

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Qualities Of A Reliable Inbound and Outbound Call Centre

There are many call centres around the globe. However, not all are able to deliver the kind of customer support that can work to your business advantage. 23 more words

Reliable Event Management In Sydney Offers Great Help For Companies Organizing Events

Sydney, Australia – There are only two outcomes in any event – success or failure. The former can be easily secured through proper and careful planning and implementation of the technologies that will be used, the suppliers, the theme, and other factors that are crucial in events. 7 more words

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Nehemiah sat on top of the wall working for the Lord. Along came the enemies, coaxing him to come down.

“I am doing a great work. 49 more words


Ham Radios on Battery Power - Part #1

This is the operational mode where I am using a mobile that is not connected to my truck battery. I may still be at my truck’s location but I am not using the truck’s battery for my power source. 438 more words

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Review: Lululemon Drishti Yoga Tote

Hey everyone! So today I thought I would give a little review on one of my newest favourite products from none other than Lululemon. I’ve been looking for a new yoga bag for almost a year now.. 489 more words