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Space Runaway Ideon Episode 21 BD

New Ideon, hooray! Get it here.

Awesome, isn’t it? More to come in a little while!


Space Runaway Ideon 21

Rest assured I haven’t forgotten about this series! This is one of the episodes where the character designer for the show, Tomonori Kogawa, worked as the animation director and it really shows – there’s plenty of visually impressive scenes with great attention to detail here.

Download (SD)

Torrent (HD)


Re:Marina Ch 25

Apologies for the delay. Here’s the next chapter of Marina!



"Out of Time"

Here’s a track I put together a couple of weeks ago. It’s not like the boom-bap from The Raw Vol. I. There wasn’t a really a plan for this track, so it just came together on its own. 10 more words


Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 109 Released!

Sorry for the lack of updates these last few days; I’ve been busy lately. :P

Anyway, Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 109 has been released! Get it below! 44 more words


Mob Psycho chapter 87 (part 2)

Finally, we get an idea of how Reigen’s teachings are affecting mob as a person.

I know I screwed up with the title, because during the first half of this chapter I had no idea what the title was addressing to. 19 more words