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Domestic God-mess

Another riveting depression post – coming right your way my lovelies! Some struggles that come hand-in-hand with suffering from mental health issues are very individual and person-based. 309 more words

The Radio

The radio has always had an appeal to me. It’s not necessarily nostalgia, as it can be a clock radio, or a radio in a car, or some ambient noise in the background during breakfast. 421 more words


My Relaxation

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately.  I love going out, but sometimes I just feel like staying home and work on my blog.   183 more words


Happy Monday

Hope everyone’s off to a fabulous start on this beautiful Monday morning, I’m Still feeling a little tired from the weekend, so I decided to GET MOTIVATED! 102 more words


A first time float perspective.

There comes a time in life, when we face little bumps on the road. We can either create or a find a new path to move along or just stop in the middle. 509 more words

Update an old picture frame: paint and tape edition

This weekend presented itself with grey skies and abysmal conditions. My boyfriend and I, wanting to do something fun but ye of little money, decided to get creative. 222 more words


Monday Perks: Spring Break Edition!

Hello spring break!! Sadly, I am not jetting off on some fabulous trip, but I am determined to do things that make me happy amongst the very long list of things I actually have to do this break! 81 more words

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