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Imagination: in part? no, in whole

“If (man) thinks of the totality as constituted of independent fragments, then that is how his mind will tend to operate, but if he can include everything coherently and harmoniously in an overall whole that is undivided, unbroken, and without a border then his mind will tend to move in a similar way, and from this will flow an orderly action within the whole.” – D. 17 more words

Relatively Speaking

While writing yesterday’s post and double-checking the barycenter equation, I came across a marvelous statement that the earth doesn’t rotate around where the earth-sun barycenter is… 898 more words


Quantum Identity

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Before some days I read about a quantum experiment. Scientists were able to separate a particle from it’s properties and send the particle via one route and the property via another route till they merged at some point again. 469 more words


Curving Space

Steaming strength
Of all there was we were one
But multiplicities abounded
The universe shattered into an infinity of jewels
Curving around back on itself… 28 more words

How GPS works?

Global Positioning System

       The cost for launching some 12 to 24 satellites into the space from our atmosphere with those big satellite launching vehicles needs a huge amount of money, hundreds of scientists for tremendous amount of calculations with accuracy, and good engineering in the sense mechanical, electrical, computational, etc. 440 more words

Motion In Real Life

#001 - Relativity / Relavidade / Relativité

So..I´m embarrassed. I´m really sorry I failed to provide this blog with more content for too long…But,I´m back ! Today I´m going to talk about one of the things that I understand the least and love the most ♥ Relativity !Today I will talk about the postulates and their immediate consequence the need to change the classical transformations(Galileo´s). 1,184 more words