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I can’t focus… wish my boyfriend responded to me too.

-inserts sad doggy Facebook sticker-


Omg… random comment but LMFAOOOOO I just came up with a new tag for relationship problems: relationshit. RELATIONSHIT! THAT’S PERFECT HAHAHAHAHAHA

54. I Miss You & The Idea of You.

I miss you, and it’s frustrating a i can’t vocalize to people the reasons as to why i loved you before things went sour. The ways in which you brought out the best in me, supported me in my pursuits, helped me to address how my parents were treating me, and explore me sexuality, Your touch was something different, something both electric and something soothing….while now it feels both foreign and soothing  Everybody seems to dislike the idea of you, which makes me want to latch onto you more. 330 more words


Promises that I'll always keep

Promises that I’ll always keep

I never dreamed about living a life alone but Never cared much about what’s happening around,

Desperate in my own way about how things will turn out to be. 567 more words


Best Anti-VD "Love Yourself" Day AND The Week Of Disease

It’s like two oxymorons rolled into one -

First – I miss my blog sooooo much! I’ve been so busy making a living that journaling my life has been riding in the back seat rather than shotgun. 2,498 more words


Side Dish


a food served separately along with the main course.


Someone’s Plan B.


Or someone’s something special,

but not that special… 170 more words



I like to think that I give good advice – to others. Why is it that, as humans, we can dish out advice but when it comes down to it, we can’t even take it ourselves? 144 more words