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My nightmares are getting worse.

You have left me a blackhole of pain, sucking me in every night.

Sometimes I want to give in. When I try, I am shaken off like as if I feel like I’m being pushed to a fall, then I wake up. 19 more words

Ageism: It's Not Just For the Aged!

Let me say first in my infinite wisdom gathered over many, many years of observation that I know exactly what I am talking about, and you don’t. 1,501 more words


Family Friday, My Sweet Angel




And usually silly! Jonathan loves to “play” the piano :-)


Constantly unfaithful, meet constantly choosing

I am constantly unfaithful. Not in action, but in thought. I wonder if I’m the right person. I wonder if my partner is the right person. 526 more words


Are Only Children Better or Worse?

Whenever I tell people I’m an only child, they give me a skeptical glare then say something judgmental or casually insulting, like Oh really? You don’t act like an only child,” or, “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense actually.” This is among the few things that haven’t changed with age. 217 more words


the 1%

I used to be terribly afraid of being friendzoned,

And wrote its definition as another word for “not enough”:

Not pretty enough, not attractive enough, 533 more words


Women Men Marry; Not Me, It May Be A Blessing

Early this morning I ran out to shovel. If we have one more inch of snow … someone please adopt me to your warm country! I can’t take one more inch. 1,047 more words