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Can You Hear The Voice Of Nature? An Emotional Connection…

This is the question I have often asked myself…

Nature speaks to us through its ineffable beauty; its voice is powerful and intense in all its forms. 631 more words


I Wish I Could Say Sorry

Sometimes I wish I could go back and say I’m sorry. I didn’t know better back then. My world was still quite small and I was just trying to be content with my current reality. 239 more words


Dialogue to open hearts !

Everyday we get up in the morning with things we want to do and questions we don’t have answers for. I see people around and their confusions and realise I am at some point of time struggling with few answers from my own life that i havn’t got any answers for. 331 more words

Self Motivation

Breaking Rage Before it Breaks You!

2.9.13 Breaking Rage Before It Breaks You

Anger…oh buddy. Ok now here is one that Catalina was plum done with…and sure nuff its head popped up again! 1,147 more words



Some guy came on to me today and honey let me tell you he was hot hot.  Total eye candy and I am sure, another kind of candy.  944 more words


Love without the S word

3 years on in a relationship sex was great, it was a regular part of our relationship… Then mental  health hit; I went into hospital and all relationship matters stood still. 268 more words

Mental Health

What year is this? 1915?

Today, as I try to relax from all my worries and stress of today, there’s one thing that I really can’t seem to let go of until I put my thoughts and feelings into words. 627 more words