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“Miss you in a heartbeat”

A few notes and I am owned by the song. I go back in time, a few months a few weeks, a few days. “I miss you in a heartbeat” the chorus goes on, and I think of you. 443 more words

Random Moments Of Life


Somewhere in this journey,
trust began to falter.
Falter under the pressure of change.
Change that has happened before
The same pattern that I’ve seen before. 180 more words


New Poem: In Case Of Disaster

In Case Of Disaster

Your keys, kids, photo albums;
your dog, your wallet, your phone
– the things you’ll grab,
hasty hands in the dark, 17 more words



Progress is a dangerous word. I haven’t made a lot of progress lately. I finished a dress in time to wear it in a friend’s wedding. 103 more words


*Cries in Powerful Black Girl*

I’m a powerful girl and more importantly, I’m a powerful black girl. We’re the most misunderstood people on the planet because everyone thinks we don’t need anything or anyone. 1,093 more words


Getting Married On A Drunken Impulse

  • So basically, the western romantic view of love is that someone should make important decisions under the influence of the powerful neuro chemical delusion called infatuation, from here on referred to by its street name, love.

  • 39 more words

When Technology Fails ...

I remember a day when the guy who wasn’t the “right” one, would figure out a way to contact you … to the stalker who found every way not to leave you alone … what happened in between? 89 more words