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Work Stories - Aaaalch!!


Check the video below ..  I have no words!   :-)

Actually .. what exactly is a penile fracture anyway?

Check the rather nasty pic on wiki, which explains that its usual caused by blunt force during vaginal intercourse .. 110 more words


Why Being "Right" May Actually Be Wrong

No matter how “right” you think you are, always keep in mind that there is more than one way to view any situation, and often each perspective carries its own validity. 233 more words

Personal Growth

A little surprise

So, I know i just blogged.  But, something odd happened and I had to write it down and tell you all.  So, we were traveling, yes again, to help out a friend of ours.   557 more words


Facebook and saying #Goodbyenegativepeople

Who do you need to block from your contact list, unmatch or unsuscribe from, unfriend, unlike, unsnap or un-follow? I’ve had to do all of the above cut out people that i thought i could trust but turned out to use me. 438 more words


Wizard of Oz Coincidence

So I was on that date last Friday night. We went to dinner and sat at a table by the wall.  The square table was positioned so a corner was near the wall,  not a flat side, and she and I sat on opposite sides of that corner so we could both look into the room of we wanted. 150 more words


Thinking of Helping People Budget.

If you have any questions that you’d like me to write about and give tips on…please comment them. Thanks so much.

You can also e-mail me at missnubianbrown@gmail.com

I will be completely confidential.


Intimacy with God

I have had some amazing time with God, and all it took was time with God. Pure, uninterrupted, intimate time with God.

It’s no coincidence that my burden is lighter when we spend time together. 181 more words