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Love, and My Thursday

Because of the last blog I wrote, I wanted to clarify some things.  You see, Love is a really complex thing sometimes.  Sometimes it’s simple, which is how I prefer it, but sometimes it just gets complicated.   1,053 more words


Your Tears Will Dry

This post has been inspired by seeing so many pretty, young, smart, strong girls that I know crying or being left to pick themselves up by those that they would move heaven and earth for. 449 more words


Inspired by Universal Medicine... Just Being Me

I am beginning to realise how powerful it is just being me by connecting to the quality of who I am within.  I have spent most of my 60 plus years of life living from my head and thinking I needed to constantly be available for everyone else. 803 more words


Types of women all men must avoid dating

Men must be selective so that they pick a treasure not baggage for their journey of love. This article looks at types of women a man should avoid. 1,120 more words

Ivan N Baliboola


Life is like travelling the world over many bridges, bridges take us on to the next chapter

Build a strong bridge in life which will sustain drama, trauma and bring joyful experiences on your journey of life… 6 more words


Here is how to make your relationship last

Love never fails; it’s the reason we have to make it work. Recently a woman was explaining the importance of communication in relationships using her marriage as an example. 522 more words

Ivan N Baliboola

The trust fall

The trust fall ….. The dreaded trust fall. See I was never very good at the trust fall. I never trusted anyone to actually catch me. 570 more words