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You were sharp like the shards of glass that once cut my wrists open, but you were far more painful. Your words could tear me down within seconds, only to have you pull me back off the ground. 93 more words


Dating, Again...Five

After meeting someone very unique for a drink (I had a Coke) I was pedaling home. She wanted to meet by bicycle so I just happened to live about 11 miles away from the place she wanted to go too. 696 more words


Phases In Marriage

I ran into a friend and we began to talk about life. We shared stories and even began to reminisce about when we were young. She specifically asked me how was my marriage life and I was excited to say we are approaching 5 years as she was approaching 8 years. 198 more words


Let's Discuss: The Honeymoon Phase

If you’ve ever been in a relationship then you know what the “Honeymoon Phase” is, I’m not referring to an actual honeymoon but that “phase” in a new relationship where you can’t get enough of each other. 547 more words

The Tunnel

Here I go, into the tunnel again. The tunnel is that place where I become deeply focused on a goal to the exclusion of all else in my life. 2,022 more words

Being A Man


“8 pm, rooftop lounge” I texted him.

“Yes miss” he replied.

I got there 10 minutes early.  The place was relatively empty, but I couldn’t see him. 698 more words


New Kid On The Blog ...maybe?

Hey everyone!
Let’s pretend we’re all in a room and am facing y’all to tell you stuff i don’t even know about. Say a speech without a speech?? 133 more words