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Slaying the White Knight

by Carlo Peritore

She said, “We need to talk about us”. And in an instant, the ground opened up and swallowed me whole. I knew instantly what was about to come. 1,112 more words

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Mistakes! Mistakes!

I feel like I am in a kind of stupor lately. I have so many ideas and so many things to do that I don’t know where to start or how to begin. 365 more words


Welcoming Thoughts And New beginnings

Well, everyone it is a new year and a new beginning for myself I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to better myself professionally a task that has taken a lot longer then I expected. 352 more words


Ok, be a pessimist

A friend of mine told me he was sick and tired of listening to people telling him to be an optimist all the time.

He hated to see young and old people smiling like idiots everywhere expecting for things to get better, since they rarely improved. 483 more words


Can't you SEE?

Here’s a story with sad beginning:

We fight, we struggle, we hope, we try…but in the end, we fall, we break and we shatter. What else? 220 more words


Relationships suck?

Why do people spend money learning how to drive and study towards a career. But most people don’t take the time to learn to be a better lover a great husband or wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or side chick. 267 more words

Day thirty-two: Making a fool of oneself

<- Day thirty-one

This started out as a piece of writing relating my misadventures in having something break down on me, yet functioning whenever I need to demonstrate its broken state to someone. 912 more words

A Hundred Days Of Writing