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I would say I am above average when it comes to not finishing things I start. I blame this on my impulsive behaviour, and perhaps partially due to my mood disorder. 499 more words


Follow up: post return

I went to my appointment Thursday with Dr. M after a three month break and it was extremely anxiety provoking. My legs wouldn’t stop shaking regardless of the position I put them in. 245 more words


Some weeks

Some weeks, the words flow, the chapters seem to write themselves, and submitting my work feels effortless. Some weeks I have no trouble feeling like a writer. 169 more words


An Almost Perfect Scenario

On an island located in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world, there is a castle. The castle belongs to a very wealthy, dark-haired, overweight woman named Tracey Blerp. 388 more words


10 Quotes that Will Make you Rethink Rejection

Rejection is an inevitable part of a writer’s life, and as hard as it is to see a no as something other than negative, it is possible. 268 more words