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Life is the bird, and I just got pooped on.

Honestly, life has just been making a fool out of me lately. Today a freak accident happened at my internship and I might have just injured our star athlete (keep in mind I go to a D1 school). 194 more words

The Release: Letting Your Work Out Into the World

One of the scariest moments in writing always comes when I’m looking over that email, my submission securely attached at the bottom, making sure every word is in the place it needs to be. 401 more words

Anti-Love Letter: TBT

Dear Kurt,

Thank you for your letter.  It’s refreshing to find someone who is willing to share his feelings and, even better, is interested in mine.  701 more words


Criticism and Rejection, Consider This

You were criticized, maybe even rejected. They did not want what you had to offer and now you feel less than zero.

It doesn’t help to get mad. 379 more words


I really like this girl, but I fear getting hurt down the road

br0000d asks: 
I started seeing this girl, who I have known for a few years. We aren’t exclusive, and have just been messing around.

However, I’m starting to really like her. 1,041 more words


How to take rejection: 5 things you could do to help you feel better about it

I know I’m not the only one who has been rejected before, either at a personal level or professionally.

Most of us have been through the ups and downs of being rejected, but sometimes we JUST DON’T KNOW how to take a rejection and I’m here to help YOU and ME take a rejection the right way :) 387 more words


Waiting to Change His Life.

I’ve watched men disrespect and mistreat me – be it within the space of a few hours, months, years or worse, a life time of emotional unavailability. 193 more words