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The day has come for me to tell the world what my own mother did to me as a child. I hope it will help others to tell and speak out about this difficult subject as well as raise awareness. 834 more words




I see people.

Do people see me?

Sometimes they do.

Sometimes they don’t.

What do they see?

Do they see me?

What is me? 18 more words


My First Aid Kit for Rejection (Job Searching Isn't Easy)

Nowadays, it has been a lot of experimenting, a lot of “trial & error”, and a lot of waiting.

A lot of waiting during job interviews, taking a lot of time looking for work, a lot of anticipation, which prospective employers had promised to give feedback, but have not heard from them since :( 248 more words

Blast from the past - Better to have Loved and lost!

Before you start reading further, let you be warned! This post dates back to 2010 when I was going through another kind of emotional wave in my life! 781 more words


Not Quite Good Enough

I have noticed a shift in my friendship dynamics recently and it has left me with a feeling I usually associate with family members. The feeling that I am not quite good enough. 539 more words


I am Pleased to Inform You...

Dear All the Colleges Who Have Rejected Me,

I am pleased to inform you that your final decisions have not marred my charismatic persona, nor hindered my growth as the bright student and hardworking human being that I still am today, two short months later. 711 more words


Challenge #117: Share my thoughts on marriage

“So, Camila, when are you going to get married?”

Being the eldest of 11 cousins on my mom’s side of the family and chronologically next in line to wed among the 11 other cousins in the Fitzgibbon clan, this is the pressing question mostly frequently asked by relatives. 458 more words