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Structural Integrity of a Literary Composition

Last Thursday, I met up with a friend for a movie and a bite to eat. We chose to see The Age of Adaline, starring Blake Lively (Adaline Bowmann) and Michiel Huisman (Ellis Jones). 352 more words

Creative Writing

Fortune's Vomit

Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more, as Edmund Blackadder once observed: today I got a rejection from a magazine I’d sent a story to, along with the story in my self-addressed envelopes.  347 more words

Short Stories

Don’t Be Dejected Over Rejections—It’s Not You, It’s Us

Rejections happen. The more writing you send out, the more rejections you get. I got one while I was working on this post. The wording usually follows a pattern: … 539 more words

Advice For Writers

How to make a living as a writer

It wasn’t her real name, of course, but close enough. An author’s nom de plume. Still, seeing it at the end of the printed article gave her a thrill. 1,317 more words


Constance Garnett refuses to die

Constance Garnett refuses to die.

Weeks ago, I requested the new Pevear/Volkhonsky translation of Brothers Karamazov from the public library.

Today, on the Requests shelf, I picked up the book with my name, only to find it was Constance Garnett. 52 more words


100 Blue Flags.

For a while I was submitting stories ‘right left and centre’, but recently I have been a bit more selective.

I tell you this because I know I would have hit the magic 100 mark a lot more quickly if I had kept up the submission pace. 244 more words



I like rejection slips, rejections and rejection letters.

Whatever, they remind me of me.

A recent picture –

White blouse and blue shorts

the cerulean sea playing behind me… 73 more words