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Rejecting rejection

I often refuse to write about writing on this site because it just seems a bit… funny. And not in a ha ha way either. Look, I write books, and I’m trying to get someone to publish one of them. 632 more words

Mother And Daughter

Reality Bites: A Good Job (and Rejection Letter) Are Hard To Find...

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It’s funny…Statistics about the unemployment rate and available jobs are updated frequently. If you are one of the people looking for a job, the accuracy of these numbers seem like a damn lie! 397 more words


Reading and Writing and Waiting.

In a counter-intuitive way, it’s a huge accomplishment to get my first rejection letter today. It means at least someone saw one of the submissions. Yay, me! 555 more words

About Writing


The Rejection Letter. We’ve all gotten at least a dozen of them. They used to come in your very own, hand-written SASE, always the kiss of death, but at least they were written on actual letterhead. 348 more words


"Let me do that for you. It'll be easier."

We have one goal today. Let us analyze the above emboldened title, and maybe through this analysis we can discover why getting published means so much to me. 726 more words