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The Soul has no Color/ revisited

What is the soul of mankind? It is said to be unique; like our fingerprints there is no one the same.  It has no form, color, or weight; but each soul is attached, placed, or identified with a physical form that has form, shape and color.  44 more words


Tequila For The Win

People say that you will never meet your true love in a bar, but conversely they also say that nothing can keep soul mates apart. My husband Norman and I are classic examples of the latter and a contradiction to the former of those ‘sayings’. 906 more words


How Islamic is the Reincarnation belief?

According to Ahmed al Hasan reincarnation is true as shared by his followers from the Black Banners sect:
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Fake Yamani

Random Rantings #1 - Reincarnation

There’s something therapeutic about seeing dirt getting washed off from anything. It’s almost as if the cumulative laziness of each day fades and the entity is reborn new again. 133 more words


Mystical Enlightenment and Attachments

On an aloe vera plant growing wild on the French Atlantic coast somebody has etched a heart with two sets of initials and pledged POUR LA VIE. 575 more words


Baby Sarah's First Word: Margaret Josette Dupres continues...

Lots of delight as well as intrigue went into this one. Looks like I haven’t managed to get a new chapter of “Margaret Josette Dupres” up since March. 505 more words