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Krishna explains

In answer to Arjuna’s severe misgivings, Krishna explains the Yoga of Knowledge. he says: ‘Arjuna, is this hour of battle the time for scruples and fancies? 192 more words



There are just so many possibilities for human existence. If there is any purpose in it — other than something that happened by random chance — it seems a bit limiting for each of us to have just one shot at it. 244 more words

Musings & Personal


No need to feel sympathy
for the future of those yet to be:
we are the heirs of our own damnations,
we are the future generations.


The Cathar Prophecy of 1244 AD

In 1978 on a visit to Montsegur in the Cathar country of South West France, Colin Bloy had dowsed in a meadow where 300 Perfecti were burned alive in 1244. 749 more words

Why are we here?

Why are we here!?
I have always lived my life as though I deserved my place on earth with no question of why I had been placed here and whether I had a mission to complete before I left this body. 450 more words





Looking back, if I have anything to apologize for, it’s that never apologized for anything. I did what I wanted, what I had to. 532 more words


Wojciech Siudmak, Reincarnation

I wonder what other people believe, but I believe in the transmigration of souls. It makes sense to me that like other natural materials, spirits are energy that like other energy is recycled throughout time.  6 more words