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Thoughts and Insights from a Christian Reiki Master

Hello Huntsville and surrounding areas! My name is Nadine Wormsbacher, and I am a Christian, licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master.  Many people I speak with with either have 1) no knowledge of Reiki, or 2) have read or heard incorrect information which created a fundamental misunderstanding and rejection of it. 20 more words

Massage Therapy

Paving Your Own Road to Success

While the past few months has been a whirlwind of change and growth for me, birthing the launch of my brick and mortar store front, I decided to take a breather and re-group, and refresh. 1,701 more words


Imagine A Woman

Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman.
A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories.
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life. 218 more words


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Inspiring words...

Grounding – what is it and how does it help you?

Often we energy workers (Reiki, Chios, acupuncturists, etc.) use terms that make plenty of sense to us, but we use them casually and sometimes puzzle those with whom we are talking. 1,087 more words


Reiki Level I Training coming at 'cha! <3


I’m holding a level one Reiki Workshop on Sunday March 29th from 2-4(ish). It will be an intro into grounding, energy work and reiki, and will include your first attunement, as well as practice with other participants. 48 more words


WOO or EW: Reiki Healing at Slope Wellness in Park Slope, Brooklyn

I don’t need a special occasion to treat myself to what my mother would call crazy hippie witchcraft, so you can imagine what an easy sell I am when it IS a special occasion. 402 more words