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Surprise Blessings from a Coma

Just after Christmas of 2013 I fell extremely ill (sepsis, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest) and was put into a medically induced coma for a month so that medicine and machines could heal my body.   485 more words

Must active swallowing therapy or speech therapy be initiated all the time?

The answer is NO.

Most patients have the perception that when they see or being referred to a speech therapist, they must receive some form of active treatment that involves active exercises. 309 more words


EXCLUSIVE: Trenton Bishop Shares Rehabilitation Journey After Amputation

By Pat Ciarrocchi

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J., (CBS) — Bishop David O’Connell of the Trenton Catholic Diocese has been navigating a test of his faith. In December, doctors amputated his foot. 486 more words


How to Recover

OK, so I’m 16 weeks post-injury.  I still have pain and effusion in my knee, and I’ve crossed off the spring races from my calendar but for the most part I’ve stopped whining and limping and feeling sorry for myself.   356 more words


Sports + Chiropractic

People often only consider calling their chiropractor when they are in pain.The role chiropractic has on the body extends beyond stopping pain. Currently research is being performed to assess the extent chiropractic can help with athletic performance. 172 more words


Sage's Rage: Can we let #Chris Brown recover?

i heard yesterday’s breakfast club interview with chris brown.  he had a lot to say but what struck me most was how much he says he’s had to overcome since his domestic violence charges with rihanna. 162 more words

Have Fun! Gota stole my city and I’m good with it

Sudath Pasqual,**  2 November 2014, courtesy of http://forum.lankaninvestor.com/t2644-gota-stole-my-city-and-i-m-good-with-it

Six years, one month and a few days. That was when I was in the Old Country last. 2,035 more words

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