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I'm On My Way to Clean

From the last time I posted on November 4th a lot has happened that tested my inner strength to its absolute limit, dragged me lower than hell itself and tore me apart limb from limb. 562 more words

My Post Stroke Rehabilitation - Proof That It Can Be Successful

As I write this I am aware that it is 20 years to the day since my mother died, at the age of 80, within two days of having a stroke. 819 more words


Two Hours and ANSWERS!

Two hours of testing with my amazing Doctor who is a chiropractor but he is a Functional Neurologist (candidate) Vestibular Traumatic Brain Rehab Specialist.

There is a reason for so many things going on with me right now after this testing.   281 more words


Subacromial Pain Syndromes - Lecture 10th September

The lecture is presented by the Victorian Advanced Practice Physiotherapist Group at the APA branch, Level 1, 1175 Toorak Road, Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria. 10th September 2015, 7-9pm.To register see the… 178 more words

Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy


After 13 weeks, my final x-ray has arrived. Dr. Diagnosis: “I can do everything normally” meaning I can climb, yoga, run, anything. I know, really I do, I must be careful. 108 more words


6. CASE: To Feed or Not to Feed?

You receive a call on the ethics line about a patient’s relative (next-of-kin and legal decision-maker) force-feeding her sister who is a patient on the unit (pushing food into the patient’s mouth and then holding her mouth closed, pinching her nose, etc. 451 more words

Areas Of Health Care Delivery

1. CASE: Sensitive Information

John is a young man with a traumatic spinal cord injury that has resulted in paraplegia. He is leaving the rehab hospital on a weekend pass and has confided to his chaplain that he intends to kill himself. 70 more words

Areas Of Health Care Delivery