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Tall poppy syndrome

TALL POPPY SYNDROME ( a social phenomenon where those with more merit or success are disparaged and pulled down).  Some criticism is not bad, but when the habit of condemnation and fault-finding becomes a national pastime, we need to sound the danger bells. 478 more words


Shore dumps, more than enough tequila, and an intrepid chicken. Part two.

Later down the road, I travelled for a while with two Aussies to Nicaragua, who had won a poker game all the way back in Guatemala. 711 more words



I am alone with the kid, my partner seems to think my partner is a teenager. Going on a festival. Music festival. I mean, shouldn’t 20 year olds be at those? 161 more words


From skyscraper to plyscraper

If the 20th century was the century of the Skyscraper, then the 21st century is shaping up as the century of the PLYSCRAPER —– a tower block made entirely from wood.

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"Hi I'm imperfect, who are you"

Are we honest enough to own up to our imperfections?

Are we open enough to accept and embrace them?

Sadly for many this seems an impossibility.   110 more words


Lupe Fiasco Gets Real in Open Letter to White Supremacy: "You Are Regular"

Give yourself a treat and read this amazing and informative letter to White Supremacy written by Lupe Fiasco. Oh, Lupe. I haven’t been this excited about something you’ve done since The Cool. 969 more words