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Sappy Sunday #01

Here are 9 things I am thankful for this week. :)
  1. Thank God for no-work work days. Got to take an offset this Monday after a great weekend with Kirk.
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Authentic Mexican dishes

(1) MOLE :  It is a sauce containing a complex mixture of more than 20 ingredients, ranging from chilli pepper to chocolate.  Also referred to as MOLE POBLANO, this thick and tasty sauce is served over turkey, chicken, pork or even rice. 244 more words


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Blast from the past...

Cultural day

We went to the store, rented a movie and visited a museum. I have also been washing, attended the dishes and done regular stuff that a home needs. 193 more words


Baseball: #3 Atascocita goes 1-1 on Second Day of Tourney

The No.3 Eagles, after going 1-1 on Opening Day; falling to Cy Creek 5-3, then beating Spring 6-1, Atascocita came back on day two looking to continue to improve. 91 more words


This & That...

(1) Begin your day with meditation and a mantra :  I love the world, I love my life and I love this universal energy.  Saying this aloud brings about a smile from within, which leads perfectly on to a heartfelt rush of gratitude.  318 more words


successful campaign

My month is up and my indie gogo campaign was fully funded. The money has all been transferred and ow starts the fun part! shopping for supplies! 313 more words


My journey.... so far!

Just before Christmas I decided I had enough of suffering with my back … it had gone past the point of being “annoying” and was painful all the time … trips to the docs and the physio done nothing much to improve it … until quite accidentally it was discovered that I have 6 lumbar vertebrae instead of 5!     233 more words