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You are still The one...

I don’t know why,
I thought…
I no longer had feeling for you,
I no longer miss you,
I had forgotten about you!

In facts… 142 more words


And Then the Furnace Went Out

I was riding high on the wave of excitement of buying a rental property- the pride of my contribution to making this happen, the prospect of earning passive income, the possibility of one day living right smack in the middle of DC again, the chance of selling it one day for a profit. 434 more words

Del Ray

Goodbye to a Season

Last week, I boxed up about 20-odd books, slapped a shipping label on them, and sent them on their merry way to the southeastern U.S. 477 more words


I actually do have some ragrets.

Yes, ragrets. We often see inspirational pictures of things like a field of flowers with the words “Never regret something that once made you smile” written across in some fancy font, or something more straight forward like, “Live life with no regrets.” Maybe even our parents/grandparents say they wouldn’t go back and change anything. 140 more words

Sliding Doors

Call it fate, call it the butterfly effect, call it what you will – whatever the label, the product is the same. Our lives are defined by every microscopic decision we make. 1,756 more words


Passing Through/Stuck in a Fence

Passing Through/Stuck in a Fence

‘It’s nothing to do with that,’ she replied. Her voice was calm and measured, but her hand slid across the table towards him, forefinger tapping at the wood with increasing force. 2,137 more words