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No regrets

As you know, I sometimes peruse Craigslist and random dating websites for blog fodder. There is usually no shortage of creepy weirdos that I can poke fun at. 324 more words


A Tale of Two Sisters: Q&A 1

For a class assignment my younger sister, Adrianna Elaine, was asked to create a “microhistory” of someone in her life.  For this project she picked me.  1,046 more words


Non, Je Ne Gret Rien (Nor Am I Planning to Gret Again)

Let me just say this straight out: Yes, it is exhausting to be a professional Know-It-All. From the moment I wake, people are always seeking my advice, asking me complicated, intricate questions like “What time is it, anyway?” and “Seriously, 3:15 a.m.?” and “Why the fuck don’t you ever… 1,577 more words

The Heartbreak Story

Imagine growing up.
Your first day of school.
Your first few months of school.
Your first few years at school.
Your first beliefs about yourself. 739 more words

My promise

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in gut feelings or been able to predict the future? Do you believe there is a reason for everything and everything happens for a reason? 502 more words

Coming Clean

19. Drought

There’s nothing left
No tears to cry
No sobs to smother
No red-rimmed eyes to hide
No hope anymore
Just acceptance left
It’s better I suppose… 113 more words