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Regrets #6: Star Lord 

you all thought this segment was dead didn’t you? Well it’s back….. And in full force. Strap on your boots ladies and gents as this decision was uuuugggly! 223 more words


Graduation 2015 Part II: "If Only I..."

“If only I…  

…studied more.”  

…had met you earlier.”  

…procrastinated less.”  

With graduation in less than 12 hours (I can’t believe it either), the inevitable game of reflect and regret begins for both the upperclassmen and underclassmen. 369 more words


The End

Don’t expect it to happen again. Don’t expect someone will leave you just because some people did, or just because some people won’t stay. No matter how much you anticipate it, it will hurt. 62 more words


Requiem to Dreams

Note: I wrote this short poem inspired by the picture prompt posted by my very creative writing group.

Ten thousand air balloons floating up above, 76 more words


Homebuyers Difficulties While Buying Home

When it comes to exciting things in life, there are very few that are similar to getting handed the keys for your new home. The moment those keys are in your hand shows the hard work and commitment to saving money and finally finding that perfect property.Since buying a home is a big purchase, it is not a big surprise that there is some regret. 319 more words

Buyers Choice

Confession of a Wannabe Wanderer

As I sit here, unable to sleep once again, I realize there is a lot of the world I haven’t seen yet. I have Mexico and every state between Colorado, Arkansas, and Alabama under my belt but that is a very small percentage of the world I haven’t seen. 474 more words


Living with No Regrets (is bullshit)

I love this post Living with No Regrets (is bullshit). (Apologies to people who are offended by swearing. I kept it because it’s relevant to the original post). 119 more words

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