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The Take-Back Machine

Oh, what a world

Oh, what it would be

If only we’d invent

The take-back machine./

Taking back nouns

Letters and phrases

Changing our regrets… 119 more words

From Within

Not So Silent

Two weeks ago today, my beloved dog Asia accidentally killed our new kitten. They had loved each other at first sight so I wasn’t as vigilant as I should have been while Asia was eating. 325 more words


Demon Mask

If I could go back

I’d crack your halo at the top and put a stop to your cycle,

the hatching thoughts malformed turn crisp as fried moths, 45 more words


Nothing to Lose

Hi there! What’s this page for? Hopefully it will serve as a reminder of this moment. This moment was my deciding factor to shoot for the stars because honestly, I have nothing to lose. 346 more words


Beyond the Gates of Gan Eden

She was told that she shouldn’t do it.
It was the one thing that was truly forbidden. Was the Creator within her? Was the serpent as well? 396 more words

The Art Of Growing Up: What I’m Continuously Learning From My Two Decade Adventure

Growing up is one of the greatest adventures everyone is entitled to, or I must say, obliged to experience. It’s the longest adventure with no definite time span. 723 more words

Whatever happened to Lois Lane?

To completely erase a moment, an event, a decision – any particular thing from one’s past isn’t possible. You can’t take back the time you did “this” or the time you did “that” no matter how much you wish it away. 299 more words