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Tough Love: Lessons You Won't Learn in the Classroom

There are lessons you can learn in school that aren’t academic and will stay with you longer than equations for algorithms. Unfortunately, they’re taught by Life, who we know can be a b*tch. 677 more words


When You Regret Letting Her Go

She popped into my mind again today. I pictured her face and thought, “If only…..” Again. For the 500th time. My only consolation was knowing that she also had gone on to a series of bad relationships, as I did, and never really met the right one. 732 more words

New Experiences

Experiences are what make you stronger and wiser in life. If you don’t experience, you could never allow yourself to be open and more knowledgeable. If you fear new experiences, you will be introvert and will never fight the cage you have placed yourself in. 211 more words


Beware of Joe Average

After a few harsh disappointments by fairly regular, seemingly harmless guys I feel the need to send a warning out to all of womankind: they can be the worst! 364 more words

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Midsummer Haiku

Hidden in the trees
A solitary dove calls.
Again, my heart breaks.