Week 13: Boston Marathon Registration and 4th of July Celebration

What a week. A couple of major things to celebrate. The Boston Athletic Association announced last Wednesday (July 1st) that the Registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon opens September 14 (Monday) as I expected, which means the Ventura Marathon (9/13) is in. 492 more words


Hey guys!! Our GoFundMe Campaign is here!!

Hello Chime4Peace friends!!

Stop by our newest center collaborate at Transcending Youth Into Greatness (TYIG) located at 2339 W. Marquette Road on tomorrow and join in the fun learning activities!! 352 more words

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Domain SEO Service Registration Scam

My fellow webmasters,

Scammers are out to ruin your the business you have patiently built for yourself and make you look incompetent to your clients. 107 more words


Fall Youth Dek League Beginning August 22!

It’s the height of summer!  Pool parties, fireworks, grilling, and…  hockey???  Yes!  It’s a long summer, but youth hockey will soon be back in Flagler County.  84 more words


PHM Registration...11 Days!

Princess Half Registration Countdown: 11 days!

So if you haven’t registered via AP or DVC yet (aka: you’re part of the general public), Princess Half registration is coming up in about a week and a half! 578 more words


Ali Akbar College of Music offers Summer Classes

Ali Akbar College of Music, based in California, has released its schedule for summer music classes. Many of these are also available online, so that people in any country may be able to participate. 15 more words