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# 15.09 Innovation in Russia: the territorial dimension

Riccardo Crescenzi and Alexander Jaax


The debate on Russia’s innovation performance has paid little attention to the role of geography. This paper addresses this gap by applying an ‘augmented’ regional knowledge function approach to examine the territorial dynamics of innovation in Russia. 107 more words



When noting that something is based in a specific place, the word before –based should be the actual name of the place, not the adjectival form of the name: California-based not Californian-based.

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Link - Palestinians Slaughtered by the Great Hate

The Palestinians in Yarmouk are unlucky, mainly because they are being attacked and killed by Muslims, and not by Israel. An Israeli attack on the camp would have drawn worldwide condemnation and protests, with Palestinian and Arab leaders rushing to seek the intervention of the UN Security Council and the international community. 679 more words

Conflict - Culture - Language - Psychology


Recent additions to the Names and Places area include some new regional pages which will feature snippets on some of our forebears — people with a story. 79 more words


Fighting Climate Change Region by Region

Great to hear that regions are banding to fight climate change. Let’s hope more regions and states join this subnational movement. http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/subnational-climate-change-fight-by-philippe-couillard-et-al-2015-04

The Climate Of Hope

Changing a Site's Interface

The next stage of development in Drupal 7 Essential Training is Changing a Site’s Interface. This area covers Understanding Drupal page layout, Taking advantage of block regions, Creating and modifying blocks, Selecting and installing downloaded themes and  Building themes the traditional way.


La Réalité de la question militaire que pose Daech

(The post below is in French because it comments on a presentation that took place in French.)

J’ai assisté hier à un petit-déjeuner débat (en français) en présence du Général de division aérienne Emmanuel de Romémont, Commandant de l’Etat Major Interarmées de Force et d’Entrainement. 675 more words