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Floaters in the eye: Ever wondered what they are?

Ever wondered what those floaty things in your eyes are? Ever wondered why they occur and how to get rid of them? I have many a times. 252 more words


When the Dog Aged


I’d met Blackie at the Stone Sculpture Park in Banciao, he was laying sideways on a cart, couldn’t get up, there was medical bandage wrapped around his right arm, it seemed, that he’d been through a lot.   739 more words



I came across this speech two days ago and I’ve been eager to share it with my online family( each one of you) since then. Thank God for Fridays! 75 more words


The kinder truth

I’m paralyzed, I thought with mounting panic after slipping on a South Korean stairwell.

I couldn’t move my arm. Not even a twitch.

But, wait… 448 more words


Moving From Simply Homeschooling to Single-Parent Homeschooling. Reflections, Weeks 41 and 42

There, that’s the first time since beginning our schooling adventure that I missed making a weekly post.  I am sorry, to my readers – and to me – it’s very disappointing.  811 more words