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A Reflection on Professional Issues Faced by Journalists

Journalists are tasked with seeking truths and relaying them to the public, so they often have to make decisions about what is in the public’s best interest to know, and what the public actually wants to hear about. 1,041 more words


A Reflection on Hard News Writing

When I started writing my hard news story, I will admit that I had no clue what I was doing. Sure, I’d been studying the theory for weeks, but I had no idea where to start. 1,211 more words


Five Faces of Divorce

Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.


Yesterday, I saw five different faces of women going through different phases of divorce.

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The Mental Body

Not a Gryffindor

Last Friday, I met an old friend for lunch at a restaurant that’s popular with State Workers. We just were two in a parade of people waiting to be seated on the State’s payday. 855 more words




in the last month or so time has refused to go at the speed to which i’d like. i’m caught in two extremes. often i’m longing for time to speed up and get onto the next thing – the weekend, the beginning of a visit, the end of the work day, date night… other times it seems i do nothing but plead for time to slow down, to keep me right here – hit the snooze one more time, shilo stay here with me one more second, weekend don’t end, Paul sit and with me before tackling the to-do list, visit don’t end, dessert don’t end… 387 more words


To Evangelical Parents of an Atheist Child

What do you do when your child tells you they’ve stopped believing in God?

As a father of five, I want to empathize with you if you’ve recently learned your son or daughter has declared that they are no longer a Christian; or even worse, that they are now an atheist. 2,210 more words