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New Beginnings

When I was in my first on-campus residency of my MFA program at Converse College, I found myself in an unusually uncomfortable chair among a small sea of other chairs, waiting for the evening reading session to begin. 346 more words


Smoky Quartz Mandala

Image courtesy of Healingcrystals.com

In light of the full moon and recent negativity, I am sitting with this beautiful mandala and letting it ground me and cancel the negative vibrations.  35 more words


Smiling in the storm!

This is my nearly-6-month-old.

I remember one doctor apologized, and said, “I’m sorry your son have such a difficult life…”.

Now, this is one mite who cannot stop smiling, from the moment he wakes up, till he drops off into lala land. 90 more words

Our Miracle

Gotta love misunderstanding <3

Image courtesy of Charles Schultz

Misunderstanding is a difficult thing with which to deal. Mainly I think because egotistical reactions in the form of defensive and angry emotions kick in before anything constructive can be discussed and cleared.  241 more words


Do Nothing With Us

Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord, keep watch over the door of my lips! (Psalm 141:3). It seems like such a small thing to be able to keep one’s mouth closed when one should, but as I continue to find my way as an attorney, I see more clearly now why the Psalmist prays this prayer. 491 more words


=205= Words of Melancholy: Hide

Just now I accompanied my mum to the supermarket at the mall opposite our house. Upon reaching NTUC, I saw a very familiar figure. Brown hair in a pony tail, with a slightly bend back, wearing our class t-shirt(that I could no longer fit into) with the bear in front; it was C, confirmed plus chop, no longer 90% sure, I am 100% sure it is her because I saw her face. 337 more words


Recording Brisbane

Today I saw an exhibition of the paintings by Robert Brownhall which were done around Brisbane over the last couple of years.  Some highlights were: 256 more words