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15 Benefits of Meditation

I’ve just finished day 10 of Headspace meditation, and I’m dedicated to sticking with it! I’ll post more about Headspace and meditation apps in my next post, but first, I’m going to tell you all about the benefits of meditation. 250 more words

Living Healthy

Three essential steps for getting in touch with the real you

Now, let me get this straight: when I say the ‘real’ you, I don’t mean that up until now you haven’t been real, or that you’ve been a fake version of yourself ‒ I just mean getting in touch with the true essence of what makes you who you really are as an individual, what makes you tick, makes you happy on a fundamental level. 1,466 more words

Getting In Touch With Yourself

KOKO AROMA - Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser - Review

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My Review

I am so in love with this diffuser. I have to say honestly I have never had a diffuser before, but I loved the oils and always wanted one. 378 more words


Continuing to Grow Beyond my Comfort Zone

Yesterday, I think I grew a little…well actually, my confidence grew… along with my comfort zone. I spent a couple hours in the warm company of friendly faces, leading my first solo class about Essential Oils. 3,131 more words


Life's too short not to...

Life’s too short not to slow down and sip your hot chocolate slowly.


First Step to Lifestyle Transformation: Self Love

Before anyone can have a healthy relationship with food, fitness or even a significant other, they have to have a good relationship with themselves.  To make those “healthy” choices each day is a tough task, but the people who truly succeed at it, have a love of their health and wellbeing and a sense that they are worth it. 128 more words

Healthy Living

Vetiver? What’s that? ... Number 6 on the Countdown List!

While researching Vetiver Oil, I had to chuckle when I read that one can “use Vetiver with a carrier oil for a sensual massage and to enjoy its aphrodisiacal properties,” considering that it is Valentine’s Day Weekend and the opening weekend of “5o Shades of Grey.”  Well, much to my hubby’s chagrin, I love Vetiver for its calming, sedative qualities. 1,268 more words