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Some times, God teaches you through the most surprising of avenues. And he ALWAYS meets us where we are at. Today, as I have a two-year old, it was through Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. 318 more words


To the Agents of Hate and Evil:
You may be winning the minds of followers…

But remember this, you damned Agents;
Humans create hate, but love creates humans. 9 more words


...but greater strength They will give

I have never ever found that God will make life easier.

Whatever it is I face, it never gets easier.

But I have also found that there is always an offer of greater strength…but not strength like humans see strength, it is Their strength that is offered…and that strength is made perfect in the crucible of our weakness. 36 more words



6 years old, vibrant, active and loving life without worries. Today is a great day for a bike ride with friends, possibly even a better day to attempt to pop a mega wheelie! 1,055 more words


Fallen: Out of the sex industry and into the arms of the Savior - A Book Review

Call Girl? Or Answering God’s call?

You can’t go too far where God doesn’t know where to find you. You can’t get so deep that He can’t pick you up and turn you around. 276 more words


An Angel's Trumpet

Tonight I dine on Anodynes
To dull my buzzing brain
That hounds a thought so thick and sharp
My heart dare not explain

‘Twas her desires, more oft than not… 105 more words


Half Full

I had to shovel today. Twice. Living in Wisconsin can be frustrating. We have all four seasons but they don’t seem to be equal in length. 405 more words