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Hope...so what?

So what? That is the question. We have the Person, Plan and Place of Hope. But why? There is a Purpose of Hope and to illustrate it, there is an Old Testament story that most beautifully describes Hope. 805 more words


Lent Day #42: Inflammatory words

Jesus has left the desert and started His earthly ministry. He started with His hometown. People were confused, they said, “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?” They thought they knew this “hometown” boy whom they saw tag along with his father to the job site. 399 more words

Christian Living

This Spinning World

I saw her at the station
Midst the ashen-faced and blue,
A girl as fresh as autumn
Her face, delightful view.
She cried into the window… 251 more words


Sinai and Calvary

There are two mountains hallowed 
    By majesty sublime, 
Which rear their crests unconquered 
    Above the floods of Time. 
Uncounted generations 
    Have gazed on them with awe,–  187 more words


On the brink

Shouting profanities giving new meaning to subtlety

Do you really think that nobody notices?

The clinch in your armour and the bruise you keep fresh in your soul… 88 more words


Athanasius of Alexandria: The Lord died that we should no longer do the deeds of death

The Lord died in those days, that we should no longer do the deeds of death. He gave His life, that we might preserve our own from the snares of the devil. 414 more words


Do You Think God Is an Angry Being?

Beware of the common idea that God the Father is only an angry Being, whom sinful man can only regard with fear, and from whom he must flee to Christ for safety. 145 more words