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What's Your Story?

If you could sum your story up in a few words, what would you say?

Some people have stories of epic proportions. They’ve been miraculously healed, saved from a bondage so tight that it was breaking them, and brought from the depths of despair. 276 more words


Is God a Failure Father?

by Jason Rodenbeck

I am a failed father. The son of one, also. It’s not entirely my fault, but in a way it also is. 1,609 more words

Jason Rodenbeck

How Dare I Be Who GOD Created Me To Be!!!

SO many times I am told that I need to be careful being so “Christian” when I am helping hurting people. I am often asked why am I using the bible when leading the abuse recovery class or am I not afraid that I am going to offend someone when I start talking about God? 716 more words

Gods Word

Prayer Note #54 -- Seeking My True Self in God


My Father, my Lord, my Redeemer: I love you. I love you for who you are. I see in you the very essence of all that is worthy of my worship, the very foundation of all that is good and worthy of desiring. 228 more words

Gary Chorpenning

Commentary | The Dying Thief

I’ve said before, and I’ll continue to reiterate it, that God’s Word really is His matchless Word of grace. The story which the Scriptures tell is one of redemption, deliverance, and forgiveness: it’s the story of God’s Son, the embodiment of the Father’s mercy. 58 more words


Sins Of The Heart

I have lived an incredibly condemned life, mostly because my sins and wrongdoings have always been outward, obvious things. Sins of the flesh, I guess you call them. 676 more words


I Love Snow!


I love snow! There is nothing like looking at freshly fallen snow. As it falls it makes everything look beautiful. The nasty old trash pile filled with garbage and debris looks equally as beautiful as the most expensive house that money can buy. 382 more words

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