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Curt Schilling Makes a Case for All Fathers

When I was covering baseball, I would have loved to have had a player like Curt Schilling in the clubhouses I worked. While, personally, I think he’s a little over the top and sometimes full of it, he was never afraid to speak his mind and was known as “Red Light Curt” because he always seemed to find a way to be in front of the camera. 288 more words

Who Was a Better Hitter: Cobb, Ruth, or Wagner?

Hey baseball fans!

There’s a question on my mind that I, for the longest time, was never able to figure out the answer. The question is who is the best hitter from the first Hall of Fame class? 552 more words

Chompski's vacation bust!

At Christmas this past year Chompski made his presence known and became a part of the Jed’s Playhouse household. Since then he has been cooped up in the house and decided he needed a vacation. 406 more words


On Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan tackling the tired 'Us (media) vs. Them (athletes)' conundrum

Bob Ryan is semi-retired and don’t get us wrong, it’s nice to have him around. Surely, The Boston Globe feels the same way. He only shows up sporadically in the sports pages these days, but – usually – seeing his byline is a welcome one since the level of discourse from local columnists isn’t really all that insightful. 521 more words

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Finally someone said it!! The Red Sox spent big time this offseason and got widespread praise, but if the Yankees spend big, they get chided by everyone. 36 more words

Full Steam Ahead at Spring Training

Things are picking up at Fenway South with full team practices in full swing and Spring Training games only a few days away. Here’s a look at some of my favorite shots from the past few days.


$61.13M for Moncada

This week, the Red Sox will formally sign Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada to a contract. They offered him a signing bonus of $31.5M, which is penalized 100% by the league for exceeding their international spending limits, as well capping their future offers to international players for a year. 351 more words