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Hi there folks! I’m not even sure if I have any serious followers or fans, but it’s been a couple of weeks since I did a post and MAN has a lot happened in those two weeks! 1,240 more words

Mens Rights

The Red Pill of James Hetfield and Modern Day Pedestal Smashing

In my last post I examined eighteenth century pedestal smashing in the form of Jonathan Swift’s poem “The Ladies Dressing Room” where a naive young gent discovers that his cherished girlfriend is an illusion made up of glue, clay, and colored wax. 771 more words


The War Between Feminism And Masculinity.

There has been a war within our modern culture. It is a war between feminists and masculinity. Only recently have the forces of masculinity even took notice of what men have lost. 616 more words

Men's Rights

Red Pill Woman warns evil sluts that "every penis you put in yourself breaks your heart a little."

Today I thought I’d highlight this lovely “Red Pill” insight from one of the gals on the Red Pill Women subreddit, a weird sort of Women’s Auxilliary to the Red Pill subreddit that devotes itself to “objectively and realistically discuss sexual strategy from an anti-feminist, non-feminist, traditionalist and/or evolutionary psychology perspective.” 133 more words


Mirrored Appeal

In responding to the errors of the secular world, Christians, if they are not careful, can make errors of their own. The dominant message of the secular world right now, as far as men and women are concerned, is that they/we are the same- albeit with slightly different plumbing. 510 more words

Red Pill

Sometimes You Still See It

It’s pretty easy to get jaded about relationships these days. One doesn’t have to look very hard to see examples of good love gone bad all around. 328 more words

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Frame Control Part 2 (for picking up girls)

Following up on Part 1

Passive methods for ‘increasing’ your frame control

1. Mindfulness

Well I call it mindfulness but others call it meditation. What I do is to sit down on the floor, while I am showering, and focus on my stomach filling up with air with each breath I take. 423 more words

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