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Do Misogynists Dream of Electric Sex Ladies?

Do Misogynists Dream of Electric Sex Ladies? Well, yes. Yes, they do. This terrible, terrible comic provides yet more evidence of this, as if we needed any. 45 more words


Man Wants to Know... Was it Right to Stay with a Cheating, Lying, Manipulative Wife? Is it Unconditional Love, OR Unconditional Stupidity?

I recently received an anonymous email from a man who had seen my blog, and appreciated the way I write to wives encouraging them to love their husbands.   2,909 more words

Lets just reverse the races on this and see how it sounds!

On March 18 Aemen Ansari wrote this. The Huffington Post in Canada ran it on their website. The racism on this article drips off the page. 1,260 more words

Mens Rights

Frame Control (for picking up girls)

Frame control. What is it? And how do you cultivate it ?


Frame Control, to me, means this: Sticking to your course of action and not being swayed or aggravated by anything. 880 more words

Red Pill

Domestic Violence Advocacy

I couldn’t find any hard statistics for how often battered wives return to their husbands. Activist websites seem to avoid the question, often claiming that it’s more important to ask why men abuse instead of why women allow it. 537 more words

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Verbal Blogging…  I find this entertaining.. humorous even.  Learned the term “Red Pillin’ It” from Spartan Life Coach.  It’s a reference to the movie “The Matrix”.   11 more words

Random Musings and Links- #7

Its been quite a while since I last wrote one of these posts, and thus it is long overdue. I’m going to cover some important links, relate a few of my thoughts and preview a few possible post ideas in the future. 913 more words

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