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14-Year-Olds In The Third World Marry Older Men Because Delaying Adulthood Is A White Privilege

I came across a news story recently about a 68-year-old Nigerian politician marrying a 14-year-old. The commenters on the article are calling it child abuse, which is ethnocentrism at its worst. 636 more words

Examples of the Red Pill in Movies or Music?

Since stumbling across the red pill philosophy, I find examples of its various theories all the time in music lyrics and sometimes in movies.

How about you? 98 more words

Red Pill

Being A Male College Student.

I had gone to University the first time in 1989. At that time, in my first University, it was mostly fair. There was no grade inflation, grades were not “on a curve” or anything of that type. 844 more words

Men's Rights

As the Desperation level rises

I had a friend of mine in the film industry post up a link that only stayed up very temporarily, but it involved right wing denial of science issues. 1,186 more words

Mens Rights

Women who text men on their birthdays are "wicked mindf*ckers who get off stringing betas along," says PUA doucheburger

Men, beware! The woman who just texted you “happy birthday” isn’t a nice person wishing you a “happy birthday.” She is, rather, a demoness from hell. 751 more words


Men Only Deceive Women If The Women Let Them, Because "Cheap" And "Prostitute" Are Not Synonyms

“I met him at the bar, and I told him I’d only have sex with him if he promised to call me the next morning. But he didn’t call! 591 more words

How to pussify your husband.

This video is interesting because there are a few things seriously wrong and strange with it.

We have a segment on this ABC show Good Morning America, called “ 563 more words

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