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Diagnosing Objectivity And Subjectivity

So it seems there has been some sort of skirmish in the ‘sphere lately involving “Roosh” and a number of folks over at the Red Pill Sub-Reddit. 1,335 more words

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The Red Pill Interview | Locash Exclusive

Stuck between being a cool kid and a disgruntled adult, stuck between accepting a mundane existence and a burning rebellious spirit, stuck between a dream and reality…you will find Red Pill…and he’s not alone. 639 more words

Locash Magazine

Yet Another Domino...

…hits the floor.

As the article makes clear, you cannot win as a Christian who professes orthodox beliefs. Compliance with their sundry demands is not enough. 75 more words

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Sally Rapehoax, Fake Rape, and Reaction

Reaction is a stance taken when pervasive mainstream thought has crossed a threshold into the realm of insanity. Popular reactive movements, like The Red Pill or The Dark Enlightenment, can only exist when a large enough group of people can mutually agree upon where that threshold may lie. 921 more words