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Eye Contact

Why is it that every time I stop at a red light and look into the car next to me there is a 50 year old man staring into my soul? 500 more words

Andy Geels

Red Lights (Rodrigo Cortés, 2012)

Nakon što se probio na španjolsku filmsku scenu crnom komedijom Natjecatelj (Concursante, 2007), redatelju Rodrigu Cortésu ponuđena je prilika da snimi film s kanadskim glumcem Ryanom Reynoldsom u glavnoj ulozi. 334 more words


Midnight in Red Amsterdam

As tourists, my friends and I had to ask for directions to get there; we had to walk around a lot, which at the time was exhausting; but in retrospect, I think could be considered as one of those moments in life that we could talk about with smiles on our faces- that once upon a time we spend a night roaming the city of Amsterdam. 726 more words


Running Lights For Kohlrabi

Our local Florida community is nothing but vigilant about red light runners. Perhaps in your community too, cameras are strategically placed at all four corners of an intersection to nab those dirty scofflaws who blatantly run through traffic lights in order to make time. 1,032 more words


Singapore : You amaze me!


I am talking about Singapore and things you get here. If you are from a 3rd world nation, which you probably are, this would be right moment to unclick this click. 662 more words

Comedy & Satire

Running through the Red Lights

I had a recent dream that used to play itself in my mind…over and over again when I was a kid…here it is:

I was driving a car and the meridian got too close, so I had to swerve and push my foot to the gas peddle to miss it…as I was speeding, I continuously ran through red lights. 247 more words

Godly Goodness

Red lights

Red lights shine bright
Like a cut on memories
Mundane and monotonous
These lights work all night.
Dreams made in walls of slavery
Deviod of humanity,agitated! 60 more words