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Amsterdam Part II.

Amsterdam at night is known for its seedier side. Americans immediately conjure up images of ladies of the night hawking their bodies in the windows of the red light district as tourists gape open mouthed at their gestures and nakedness. 925 more words


Why Amsterdam's Prostitution Laws are Still Failing to Protect or Empower Women

Amsterdam may be heralded as a hub for liberalism and social progression following its legalisation of prostitution in 1988 and consumption of marijuana.

However, after a significant number of brothels have been closed due to suspected criminal activity in the best known Red Light district of De Wallen in Amsterdam, alongside the nature of displaying women in windows like pieces of meat, it shows that the system has not worked. 1,020 more words


50 days of solo cycling.

Today is my 50th day on the road and it is hard to imagine that this time 50 days ago I was still cycling on my way to Hull. 1,128 more words

amsterdam, the netherlands

amsterdam, where to even begin?? i’ve been to amsterdam 3 times now and seriously cannot get enough. it is definitely fast-paced there, so many people all the time, like a freakin theme park. 395 more words

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Saved by the Saffas

Charl Marais, a fellow South African living in Belgium at this time, offered us a free lift to Amsterdam. Airbnb was our go-to site and we came across a caravan ‘the Hippie Bus’ that was cheap and pretty much defined a good time – the site stated that in winter the bus is not available for driving around, so we where prepared to sleep where it was parked currently. 1,597 more words

All For Naught

Ok! So this post has been an incredible work in progress. I’ve written and rewritten and postponed and procrastinated. Every time I think I have time to sit down and write I either fall asleep or get distracted. 1,652 more words


The laufhaus girls (most of whom lounge on their beds stark naked)

The laufhaus girls (most of whom lounge on their beds stark naked boredly waiting for customers to walk along their corridor & look in their door; they don’t even bother to wear any clothes at all) usually quote 30 for fuck and 50 for ‘complete’. 22 more words