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Stop Making Excuses: Why Parodies Like the "#RidiculousSix" Must Be Rejected

Photo source: instagram.com/lorenanthony

 Updated 9 May 2015: the reality is, Sandler and Netflix are not going to stop filming this movie or not release it when its finished despite the protests. 1,012 more words
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Covering Berlinale 2015: "Kuma Hina-A Place in the Middle"

Photos were taken by me at the premiere of “Lone Ranger” here in Berlin, 2013. For more information, please read my article at Indian Country Today Media Network… 124 more words

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My latest at ICTMN "Naked Faux Savages and Neo-Racism in Berlin"

“Nothing is sacred!” the motto of Das Helmi.

“At the Ethological Museum’s Humboldt Lab in Berlin, the play Captain Jacobsen recently premiered, featuring a performance by the group Das Helmi that culminated with brightly painted and masked dancers provocatively presenting what was supposed to be Natives of the Northwest during a potlatch feast. 192 more words

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Dance above the surface of the world…..

Dance above the surface of the world.   Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion’.   Red Haircrow. 

Enjoy a day filled with colour and creativity and of course magical hummingbirds. 11 more words

"Against the Myths": My Workshops at an Indigenous Film Fest in Rostock, Germany

This Sunday, 16 November 2014 in Rostock, Germany I’ll be giving two workshops at the “Tages des Indigenen Films”, a multicultural event to help spread understanding and knowledge of indigenous peoples speaking for themselves using the medium of feature film and documentary. 146 more words

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Poem: "Siblings" & The Story Behind the Words


A wall-eyed young girl in a party dress
with carefully combed dark hair,
brushed tears away from a narrow pretty face
drawn with misery. 615 more words

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At Ex-Berliner Magazine: My Commentary on "Cowboys and Indianer"

I was interviewed by journalist Rachel Glassberg on the topic of native culture appropriation, the phenomenon of German hobbyists, and the perspectives of some Native Americans who live in Germany. 44 more words

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