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Recycling a smartphone cover: Enchanted tutorial

Finally i can write you a new tutorial! YEEEHHH! :-D

How to recycle a old smartphone cover in a enchanted way :-)

Take your old cover and paint it with white acrylic color (don’t paint on the inside, paint only to cover the picture on the outside). 176 more words

Recycling Is Fun!

Just Perfect

Junk mail is the subject of today’s tearing! Stitching will be added in a day or two



Life is chaotic and crazy busy this year!  I already have 4 weddings to attend this year!  Although I have my digital calendar I was needing something that was more visual and near my desk as a reminder.   412 more words


Dont like jello, LOVE WHITE WINE!

Just had to share this, what to do with it once it’s empty.
Found this wine rack in a thrift store in Bradenton. 
Wanted a way to show the wine rack off in our condo, but not allowed to leave alcohol for tenants, 42 more words


Thrift store haul

Hoo-whee everyone!  Don’t you love when you pick up a new hobby (obsession) and start acquiring your first (hundred) accessories for it?  What?  You mean no one is as obsessive as I am about starting a new hobby?   884 more words


Recycled sweater: UPDATE

Hello again!  As promised, I am posting a quick update on the recycling project I started last week.  I can’t believe it’s taken this long, but I have just had so much on my plate that I’ve only gotten bits and pieces of time to do some ripping here, a little washing there, and it takes about a day to dry completely after that, not to mention I have to re-soak and re-skein every piece to finish it!   582 more words