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Recovering from a Battered Ecclesiology Part 3

Maybe, like me, you have faced ministries that slowly grind away at your view of Church. In my previous posts I addressed this slow grind in a  1,080 more words


BPD and Recovery

On Wednesday I attended a Youth Leadership in Mental Health Forum, in which I was one of the presenters. I spoke about using my lived experience of being hospitalised under the Mental Health Act for anorexia to advocate for eating disorder services and rights of consumers, and also being a student occupational therapist who has BPD. 440 more words

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Dropping Weight at Will:  Blessed to Bike.

Fourteen years ago I was maybe six months to a year from becoming fat. Already overweight, obese was only a couple dozen pizzas and two-liters of Coke away. 777 more words


The politics of food, nutrition, vegan, paleo, etc. etc.

I mindfully use diet and food and herbs to heal my body/mind/spirit. Natural healing depends on it, but the information out there is sometimes very difficult to navigate. 1,040 more words

Mental Health

There's a Happily Ever After in Mental Illness: How I Reclaimed My Story

Running has been the perfect vehicle to make sense of the time a switch flipped and I believed that I needed to be perfect to be loved. 475 more words

Mental Illness


There’s always, always a way back to the consciousness of God’s love for you! 6 more words


Suede Saved me from Suicide

Well not quite, but I have a penchant for alliterative phrases. It is one of my many Achilles heels, because I am actually part spider. 1,218 more words