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Where are all the Black People? (Ag Edition)

This past week has been tremendously hard. Everything feels difficult. My mother asked me to stir one of the pots on the stove and it was difficult. 799 more words


Our War

Staring through a frosted window the world points its finger, calls us week and selfish. Would they still say that if they had these monster on their shoulders? 351 more words



I’m writing this on the road to nashville! And as I do, I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful for my amazing family. We all talk, and laugh, and we take turns playing music and in between rounds of songs, we ask a group question and everyone answers it. 624 more words


One More Time Around: Habits, Cycles, Repeats, Loops & Relapses (And What We Believe About Them)

So much work goes into breaking destructive or unwanted patterns, that when we find ourselves in the fascinating space of again, well, it can be a little hard to bear. 748 more words


An Afterthought

When I said the last post would be my only post, I lied. I’ve decided to make this website my new home. I know.. There’s already… 482 more words


Shame Spirals

In Arizona I went to a lecture on shame.  I would like to share with you what I learned about shame as I believe it is something that almost all of us in recovery have fallen victim of. 450 more words


my own damn nature

Terra Cotta Warrior Asleep on His Feet, Xian, China

Snakes and humans were always close friends until one summer a cobra was dozing on a rock in the sun and a farmer accidentally stepped on his tail. 1,399 more words

2nd Stage Sobriety