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We can mend

This world will break us – each and every one of us. I’ve written about that here https://dancingintherain32.wordpress.com/2015/04/11/growing-up/

But that doesn’t mean this world has to destroy us.

We can mend.


Parnell shutdown with forearm issue

Bobby Parnell is on the road back from Tommy John surgery and has not seen his velocity return to pre-surgery flame thrower status up to this point. 95 more words


The No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Mood

Why this crushing pain, this? Why this emptiness? This lonely? Why this darkness that is like a steamroller that flattens and destroys? I am trying not to think of the hurt that is corroding my rib cage as we speak, but I cannot stop. 242 more words

Mental Health


The mirror stares back as if in rebellion of the facade she has created in front of her, unintentionally.

The bright blue covered over, clouded, grey. 175 more words


Why do I let myself get hurt?

I don’t know why I do the things I do. All I know is that I didn’t want to be friends with you. From the very beginning I wanted to be more than that to you. 359 more words

Mental Health

The End Goal: the return

For a lot of us, the end goal of injury recovery is to return to ballet.  Personally, I’m planning on going back to ballet at the end of this semester (in 2 weeks).  263 more words


Monotony is a killer.

I used to crave escape. The desire to do anything to stop the pain. I just wanted to able to inhale without feeling like I had an elephant on my chest. 360 more words