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Recovery, Part 1: Acupuncture

This post is a continuation of My Story, which left off around October of 2014.

I posted this story on facebook. After being isolated in my house for months, with no answers from doctors and in the midst of overwhelming isolation, I felt a desperate need to be heard and understood. 2,043 more words


So Completely Alive

After a nice visit with the Swaffords I headed out to my bike to head home. I’m tired today because I woke at about 01:30 this morning and was awake for two hours before getting back to sleep. 1,709 more words

Lesson Learned

I have been getting my blood taken quite a bit these last couple of years. For a while it was every 3 months. And since I black and blue very easily, I felt like I always looked injured. 656 more words

I'm Scared

I have a lot of fears, but this is one of my more scary fears.  I fear that tomorrow, I’m going to wake up and be eighty and my life is going to be over and I’ll have nothing to show for it.   674 more words

Mental Health

best and worst post-surgery day

This is the best day since surgery. It’s also the worst day since surgery.

It’s the best because I’m in no pain. It’s the worse because I’m feeling good and want to be doing… 252 more words


Pleasant Distractions

Hello everybody!  Here is my view on Pleasant Distractions.  Thanks for having a look!

Pleasant Distractions

In order to heal from the past, I had to embrace it, deal with it, and move on.  126 more words


When life gets rough

To be honest, right now I’m not in the best place.

My anxiety/perfectionism seems to be at an all time high. My depression returns in waves leaving me unable to focus on schoolwork and do anything except lay in bed praying that it stops. 327 more words