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Awakening from Darkness and Despair

 In 1972, I was born into circumstances that would greatly affect my life.    For the next seventeen years, I would go on to endure incredibly difficult  circumstances that shaped my views of life.  1,652 more words

Creating community

I’ve been making progress in cultivating community. From going to networking conferences, to attending meet ups, to cultivating new friendships, I’ve been taking risks and pushing past my familiar solitary comfort zone. 483 more words


what i get when i let go...

When I become aware that I am chasing something, often because either I’m not getting what I think I want and/or I am exhausting myself by trying so hard, if I am able to let go and soften back into myself, making space for what I was chasing to come to me or not, I feel a sense of peace and release that can be more sustaining than when I get what I think I want by grasping for it. 33 more words


I Apologize

If my last post offended anyone, I didnt mean too do so

I just want everyone to have a peaceful mind 💜

Oreos are Vegan

It is freezing raining outside and I’ve eaten too many Oreos. It is crazy how I can be so obsessed with how fat my thighs are and yet eat dozen Oreos in one sitting. 394 more words

Childhood Trauma