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Good day, sunshine...

Perception is the only reality that matters. It informs absolutely everything. When I was drinking, I lived inside a mind full of fear and loathing. Naturally, this was reflected everywhere in my life…short temper, paranoia, disdain, gossip, depression, anxiety, self-doubt, perhaps even self-hatred. 972 more words


The Healing journey. Part one - Mind

“the human brain works slowly; first the blow, hours afterwards the bruise.”
― Walter de la Mare, The Return

A common question amongst brain injury folk, aside from ‘what happened?’ is ‘what helps with x,y or z?’ so with this in mind I sat down a few days ago and started to write a list of things I’ve used to help me along and boy, what a list it was!

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Makings of me

Is it just me? Am I the only one who listens to music and taps my foot or moves my hands? I tend to only move my hands when my legs are too sore. 564 more words


Marty Glickman - A Regretted Decision

When you regret something that happened many years ago, the understanding of why there is regret allows for the release of energy that’s creating the burden and holding it in place. 654 more words


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March 27th: Dedication

Being dedicated, or committed to a task or purpose is not always an easy thing.

It takes a lot of mental fortitude to see something through when it becomes difficult or tiring but for me… 154 more words


Regarding memory

“Macrophages.” His expression was smug. “I’ll never forget the macrophages.” We had just had a discussion about memory and how things learned since the attack fail to stick unless he uses them. 1,172 more words