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The Three Fs

I have a confession to make…
I have too many clothes. 

I honestly have enough clothing to clothe several people in an array of sizes.  Clothing ranging from pre-pregnancy pants and shirts, to an EXTREMELY comfortable pair of maternity pants I still wear on occasion, and several post-pregnancy pieces as well.   1,086 more words

Body Acceptance

Connecting With Life

Today I made new connections in my recovery life. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what you have been missing. Positive input from someone who knows the program can be a plus. 155 more words


The agony of untold stories

There’s an American researcher who  studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame. She’s called Brené Brown and is responsible for one of the most watched TED talks of all time… 1,083 more words

Mental Health

My Experience with Borderline Personality Disorder

Internal Borderline-

The 9 Criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder explained as experienced by me in an “internal” sense. A lot of these do not apply to me anymore due to my hard work with recovery but I still often times struggle with a few of them. 1,372 more words

Mental Health

Treatment plan.

Honestly, I’m quite new to this whole way of thinking, it’s pretty exciting but on the other hand scary and it is early days, but I have a friend who has turned her spoonie life round MASSIVELY through alternative therapy. 569 more words

Chronic Migraine

Recovery is worth it

I have realised that my last posts all were quite negative. I am really sorry for that… I’ll try to change That :)

Today I thought I might come up with a list “why I want recovery”. 248 more words


Shake it Off

I’m in Seattle right now for a swing dance bootcamp sort of deal and it’s going to be amazing and I’m going to learn a lot and I’m really excited about the whole thing. 297 more words

My Side Of Things