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Pain, Progress and Plans

Nicholas has had a little more pain today and some muscle spasms. So we are back to pain medicine every 5 hours and added Valium just once. 312 more words

Fibular Hemimelia

The Completeness of Just the Beginning

On Friday I was surprised by an email from the Barnes & Noble in Saint Louis where I will be doing my first book signing with this incredible picture! 652 more words


29th March

Hey folks,

Today’s been really chilled out, as I’m nursing an injury or two! I think I pushed a little too hard with Shaun T yesterday. 257 more words


I've been thinking...a lot! And apparently, so have you...

…up to 50,000 – 60,000 thoughts a day! That’s according to the National Science Foundation.


That’s a powerful thought, in and of itself!

But consider this… 242 more words


Introversion: A Love Story

I know what you’re thinking. Introverts are people who are incredibly shy and taciturn. They wear black lipstick. They never ever have fun at parties. They rarely assert themselves, and they have like, one friend. 1,703 more words


The Story with a Twist, or, I'm a Frayed Knot

Every alcoholic in recovery has a collection of anecdotes that can be simultaneously heartbreaking, outrageous, and hilarious. Perhaps they are hilarious only to fellow alcoholics; perhaps they can not even be listened to by outsiders. 1,508 more words

Daily Prompt

In the funk, out of the funk.....it's funkin' driving me crazy!

Been trying to shake the “funk” I have felt all week long. Being a woman isn’t always easy mood wise. Add sobriety, motherhood, life and everything else you juggle in there and it’s a recipe for an emotional breakdown every once in a while. 893 more words