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The Theatre of Regret: Establishing the Politics of Reconciliation after World War II

An immense wave of anti-colonial and anti-imperial activity, thought, and revision has overtaken the massive edifice of Western empire, challenging it, to use Gramsci’s vivid metaphor, in a mutual siege.

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Indigenous Literature

The day beauty was robbed...

The past week has rocked the black community and people-at-large at such an unbelievable magnitude. It has penetrated the healed wounds of old and enfleshed a reality that embarks upon hatred. 310 more words


(06/18/2015) Shot While in Church?

Today, Scripture points are shared on martyrdom, suffering and tragic incidents that occur among Christian believers.  Persecution that was seen by the early church was a sacred device like the confusion of languages at Babel.  956 more words


Jesus is my Protest (or why I lowered my fist and raised the cross)

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.­ –John 12:32 Long before Freddie Gray lingered between life and death in a Baltimore hospital, with an as yet unexplained broken back, I knew America to be the same, broken and inexplicable. 694 more words

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A powerful statement by one of my personal heroes who addresses issues of race and reconciliation with all the grit and the grace needed to say things how they are and to still speak with love.

Recovery Tools: Love Kindlers and Extinguishers-- Why They Are Important [Podcast]

During the month of June, we are going to explore the tools that a couple can use to reconcile their marriage after an affair.

So in this week’s episode, we discuss Love Kindlers and Love Extinguishers–but rather than going over the list (we have plenty of articles and blogs from the past for that), this time we’re discussing WHY they are important, and how to use them at the beginning of reconciliation. 103 more words