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Bloodhound (Beka Cooper #2)

Title: Bloodhound

Author: Tamora Pierce

False silver coins are showing up in town, and Beka’s own friends are getting in trouble over them. Then a riot ensues over the raising prices of bread. 472 more words


Top Ten 'Strangers in a Small Room' Movies

Here I will count down the top ten mystery/ thriller/ horror movies featuring group isolation in a small space where the victims have to play a game to win/ free themselves/ stay alive. 657 more words


Writing tips: if you've no time to scribble get your mind buzzing

Sometimes I don’t have time to write. Even five minutes. But with this tip you can make progress on whatever it is you are scribbling without even committing a word to paper or screen! 190 more words


Body Scrubs For Body Babes!

Owning a great body scrub is vital to our regimen of rejuvenating skin back to it’s natural essence. Using natural, organic products is much more healthy than using yucky chemicals. 178 more words

Hair & Beauty

Córka proboszcza, George Orwell

Ej, dlaczego znów musiałam trafić na książkę, w której wszyscy mnie wkurwiają? Czy tak ciężko jest stworzyć JEDNEGO pozytywnego bohatera? Jednego. Proszę.
W sumie nie wiem co powinnam wynieść z tej książki. 236 more words


Recommended Reading: Gone Hiking - Backpacker

Gone Hiking – Backpacker
“I think I need some help. I’ve been on the trail and I keep falling down.” She directs him to have a seat, then asks him his name. 7 more words


Recommended Reading: The Heartbreakingly Tragic Story Of Keanu Reeves Revealed - NoLimitForMind

The Heartbreakingly Tragic Story Of Keanu Reeves Revealed – NoLimitForMind
Sixteen years ago this week, way back in 1999, the completely groundbreaking, mind blowing science-fiction, action movie The Matrix was first released in…

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