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One Piece - Vol 3

The battle with Buggy the pirates reaches it climax and it looks like Luffy and Zoro have found themselves a navigator, at least for the time being. 301 more words


PIF Campaign Updates on March 31st

Do you see this emblem?

Yes, #TSeihaPIF has been approved to join KickYourIdea.com and today is the first day #TSeihaPIF starts to gather the supporters using this way. 224 more words


The Lie of "Kinder, Gentler Whipping"

Catalyst, an Australian science show, recently ran this segment on the whip. The entire program is worth a look, but one quote in particular stands out. 196 more words


Fiasko, Stanisław Lem

Wg Wikipedii, “Fiasko” jest zaliczane do hard sci-fi. Przez ostatnie kilka dni coraz bardziej przekonywałam się, że nie jest to mój ulubiony gatunek książkowy. Bo nie lubię nie mieć pojęcia o tym, co czytam. 180 more words


This book made me angry but I loved it - Suffragette by Emmeline Pankhurst


Fuelled by Government’s repeated refusal to allow women to vote, Emmeline Pankhurst started and lead organisations and campaigns with ever-increasing militancy to gain the vote. 355 more words

Book Thoughts

Focus on the new girl

You need to be focused at all times with all your body and mind to not slip an appearance of her in this movie. She is radiant and addictive. 354 more words


Some great sites among 23rd Malofiej winners

See highlights from this international awards festival for news graphics.

View a list of all winners (PDF; the online winners, pages 3–4, do not appear to be linked, but THEY ARE LINKED. 12 more words