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EH15, Edinburgh College Restaurant

So this is one of those things that seems to good to be true. The college has a restaurant run by trainee chefs. It has a beautiful view and is nearby the beach which is perfect for a pre-dinner wander. 96 more words



This is one of those places and you can walk past a million times and not notice, due to it being too trendy to have a conspicuous sign. 87 more words


Russel Brand: From Addiction to Recovery

This afternoon I went to watch Russel Brand’s 2012 documentary Russel Brand: From Addiction to Recovery at the Labia theater in town. Although Mr Brand has referred to himself as Jesus many a time, the documentary is actually on his exploration on the issue of others’ addictions and the opinions on addiction in Britain. 406 more words


Don't Forget to RSVP: RSVP Law

Looking for a lawyer? Looking for a legal information library? You could RSVP. RSVP Law is an online service whose core offering is connecting clients with lawyers. 317 more words

Shut Up and Dance

There’s something about a catchy song that you can’t quite get out of your head. If you’re old school like me, you’ll wait for the song to come on the radio or keep switching channels to hear it. 140 more words

The 24th Project

Book Review - We Were Liars

We Were Liars – E.Lockhart

“We are liars. We are beautiful and privileged. We are cracked and broken.”

The Sinclairs are a beautiful, perfect and distinguished family that reside on a private island. 339 more words