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30 Recipes in 30 Days

Summer is finally here (well just about)! I’ve been slacking on my blog lately so I need to get back into gear. I’ve decided to give myself the challenge of posting 30 recipes in 30 days in June – one for each day. 39 more words


Chocolate Orange Pinwheel Biscuits

This stunningly beautiful yet simple biscuit recipe can be easily whipped up using ingredients kept in your larder, and the end result is impressive and yummy… 419 more words


Grape and Rosemary Calzones

I love coffee shops. Silver Spring is lucky enough to have quite a few great coffee shops (not counting the ubiquitous Starbucks). One of the things I find lacking is a different variety of food items. 233 more words


Marinated Sweet and Sour Fish

The words “sweet and sour” have a special place in my heart. Sweet and sour chicken was one of the first Chinese dishes I ever tasted. 618 more words


How to make Pelmeni Siberian Ravioli (Рецепт: Пельмени)

Pelmeni. My all time favourite food. Ever. That’s a big statement, but nothing evokes the comfort food feeling better than pelmeni for me. Anglo cultures have their typical meat, potato and vegetable meals, Italians have their pasta meals, but this I suppose is the Russian version of a pasta comfort meal. 814 more words


Best Ever Rhubarb Steusel Muffins

Ok.  Admit.  I stole it.  From my sister of all people.  But it’s a really really great recipe.  AND she gave it to me so that’s not steeling at all now is it? 141 more words


Homemade Protein Ball

Ai, o post de hoje é delicioso! Eu adoro as ‘protein balls’, aquelas bolinhas deliciosas de proteína, super saudável e energética. Eu sempre comprava, o preço pode ser um pouco caro… mas eu amava e sempre que dava eu comprava algumas ‘protein balls’ para comer de snack, quando estou viajando ou não tenho tempo para preparar algo. 679 more words