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Parisian Inspiration: Galettes filled with Spinach and Feta

There is nothing better than real good ‘galettes’ which are found everywhere in Paris! Galettes are a kind of salty pancakes! Want to try them out? 49 more words


Pink Healthy Superfood Smoothie

Doesn’t this look beautiful? I love the pink color, makes me feel like spring is coming soon…! This smoothie contains hempseed, which is great for your mind, joints and many other things! 27 more words


Delicious Oatmeal Cookies (sugarfree)

Are you a baking addict but need to keep calm to stay healthy and low on sugar ;)? Here’s a great solution to that! I made these delicious oatmeal cookies without any sugar, only natural sweet flavors added! 116 more words


Vegan Potato + Cabbage Soup

PREP: 10 min. TOTAL TIME: 40 min. SERVINGS: 4. CALORIES: 180

I’m so excited about today because I have something that will certainly warm your body and soul. 151 more words


Chicken with Vegetables & Herbs

I don’t know about you, but I think making the perfect chicken is quite hard! It’s a matter of timing and your oven of course! Check how you prepare this delicious juicy chicken!  115 more words


Banana Bread

Doesn’t it look delicious? This is a banana bread, not a cake! I learned to eat this when I was traveling through Australia. Australians call it Banana Bread, however, they fill it with butter and sugar making it more like a cake if you ask me ;) It’s great to start the day with and even greater if you add some jam on top of it! 99 more words


Day 22 of 28...EveryDay Delicious...Italian White  Bean Soup

Italian White Bean Soup Mix Preparation Recipe

A rustic, savory taste of Tuscany with ripe tomatoes and bell peppers – ready in 20 minutes and I love one pan cooking! 222 more words

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