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Diddy Kong Monkey Tail Toast

Today’s dish is super easy Monkey Tail Toast. It is a great breakfast that is full of post-workout goodness, like protein.

The ingredients are as simple as can be. 220 more words

I have shredded chicken. What are some paleo recipes for non-Mexican food? via /r/Paleo

I have some tomatoes, coconut milk, onions, asparagus, spinach, butter, olive oil, sour cream, chili powder, garlic and cashew nuts. Can I make something with this? 12 more words


Heads up, everybody... via /r/Paleo

This story from NPR just started popping up on my newsfeed. Brace yourselves for the barrage of “See? Cavemen ate wheat” comments.

Submitted February 27, 2015 at 08:56PM by mikeydubs531… 7 more words


Blue Ombre Buttercream Cake

Today can easily be defined as “What is happening.”

I had booked an order of 120 cupcakes, and two 2-tiered cakes all for the same day. 404 more words


Baked Parmesan Cauliflower (Video Post)

Whenever I’m scrolling through my social media, I invariably come across posts from my favorite food blogs that feature nice little videos of their food. … 203 more words

Assigned Prompts

Sourdough: Soft Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread (Recipe Only)

Soft Whole Wheat Sourdough Sandwich Bread (no added yeast)
Makes One 9 inch by 5 inch loaf

This recipe will take at roughly 11 hours to make. 114 more words


Lemon Pie Bites

You know you’ve found a corker of a recipe when you regret not making a double batch before you’re even finished. This is exactly how I felt while whipping up Lola Berry’s Lemon Pie Bites from her 20/20 Diet Cookbook. 238 more words