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Avocado fries

With avocado becoming part of every meal of the day from avocado smoothies at breakfast to chocolate avocado ice cream eaten for dessert, people are becoming slightly obsessed with this little green fruit! 180 more words


Your Ticket to Veggie Heaven: Fried. Goats. Cheese.

This is my gift to you.  I think it would be an in-justice to all the vegetarians out there not to share this.

For a long time I’ve had devoted meat-eaters tell me “ah you don’t know what you’re missing” as they snarfle down their pork crackling/biltong/other (questionable) meat “delicacy”.  151 more words


Long Island Iced Tea

It is time to beat the heat yet again. For all the adults this cocktail is sure to be a hit. It’s like the drink every one would have had and missed it over the years. 83 more words


Salmon with Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta

It is a delicious Italian pasta dish enriched with flavors and spices.Salmon is a juicy and versatile fish,  it’s also one of the few fish that have made the jump from lunch and dinner to breakfast.This recipe is not just quick and easy but also ful of nutritions. 306 more words

International Cusines

Cauliflower Crust Greek Pizza

Omg!! Sooo YUM!!
(Plus, it’s only 245 calories for HALF A PIZZA, versus 380 calories PER SLICE of a Dominoes Meatzza.) Basically, the cauliflower gets cooked up to three times for a GREAT crust! 188 more words

Dinner for your couch potatoes evening

Fancy a relaxed dinner while watching TV? You want to eat healthy while having something to nibble? My idea is to use the vegetables to make your dinner crunching couch-friendly. 65 more words


Tiffany Inspired French Macarons With Vanilla Buttercream Center

Did someone say Tiffany’s?  Everyone knows that beautiful color that represents the brand Tiffany.  Elegance and style.   I’ve been wanting to make some French Macarons for awhile now but didn’t feel like grinding my own almonds.   610 more words