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Grilled Tandoori Masala Tikka- DFT

Summer breaks are here and so are the days of backyard brunches, pool parties and potlucks. When it comes to that, the food has to be fuss free, quick to whip up and good enough quantity to serve everyone. 1,089 more words

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Lauki ka Pulao/ Bottle gourd Pilaf

Lauki or Bottle gourd is a common summer vegetable in India. Easy to prepare and light on stomach, this is a perfect vegetable to cook during summers. 552 more words

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This smoothie recipe combines the healing benefits of coconut with the slightly sweet, antioxidant rich strawberry.  

The end result is a terrific tropical cocktail packed… 197 more words


Carrot Cabbage Momos

Momos (Nepali version of Dim sums) are a favorites amongst teenagers in India, particularly North India. In the past 1 decade, i have seen how this Nepali dish has changed the street food culture of Delhi. 642 more words

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Eggplant with Tofu in Garlic Sauce

Here comes another way of cooking Eggplants. I have loved eggplants as long as i can recall and my love for eggplants has always increased with every single dish i have made. 526 more words

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Aloe Vera Peach Punch

Summers are here in full bloom and it is the best time to enjoy a chilled drink.. won’t u agree? Imagine a tall glass with ice cubes, beads of water on the glass and colorful fruits around- u get the picture. 942 more words

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Cinnamon scented Oats tart with dark chocolate ganache

This Dessert is as good as a dessert can get. It’s chocolatey, gooey, comforting and sophisticated.. all at the same time. Looking for something healthier?? No problem, i got that covered here too! 1,246 more words

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