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Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 12 Recap

Jung Woo’s mother will not accept Cheok Hee. She cannot allow Jung Woo to be estranged from his mother. Is this the end of their relationship?  916 more words


My Love Story!! - Episode 8: “My Friend”

Are we sure this series isn’t listed as a bromantic comedy?

This episode began with me squealing about Suna earning a spot on the cake… 106 more words


CBS' Briefcase Premiere: Did We Just See the Only 'Acceptable' Outcome?

And to think you laughed at my comparison to The Dark Knight‘s ferry boats.

CBS on Wednesday opened The Briefcase, a new short-run reality series in which two needy families are each given $100,000 cash and then tasked with giving all, some or none of it to a second deserving family. 429 more words


The 4 smartest marketing things on the internet this Month (in my opinion)

There is such a wealth of marketing smarts and mojo (smojo, is that a word?) here in the Triangle! Between the active Triangle AMA chapter and their great lunches, SIGs and other events, to the brain trust on Twitter, it’s a little overwhelming to sort through all the actionable insights. 390 more words


Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 11 Recap

Jung Woo’s mother will not accept Cheok Hee. He tries to change his mother’s mind – it does not work. She tries to change his mother’s mind – it does not work. 1,482 more words


NOC Recaps iZombie: In the Line of Fire

Trait of the Week: Super Sniper Skills, PTSD

iZombie’s best strength is definitely its characters. While packaged in a procedural format, this week I once again found myself glazing over at the case o’ the week — despite our visit from… 1,194 more words


RECAP: Colonial

The second week of the PGAPO Ryder Cup unfolds, crossing the halfway mark to Survivor Series at the Nelson. Our first look at King of the Ring bracketology and match breakdowns in this week’s recap… 1,509 more words