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Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 12 Recap

Jung Woo’s mother will not accept Cheok Hee. She cannot allow Jung Woo to be estranged from his mother. Is this the end of their relationship?  916 more words


[SPOILERS] [RAW] Mnet SIXTEEN Episode 4 Recap


Many thanks to @lemonsherbet00, @shmesm, @sehseh, and @pethcoco for giving some live translations

MC Chansung! ❤

わあ! SIXTEENチャンソンさんMCの回だ! pic.twitter.com/OO1obmvlb0

— Halchu (@pethcoco) …

870 more words

Twitter Tuesday:「框框」#Frames 佳作選集


下面是我們選出來的多張佳作,您也可以直接到我們的Twitter feed觀摩所有來稿,並且分享你最喜歡的作品。


Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 3: The Tale of the Healer and the JJerk

So. Here’s the quick rundown, since this episode was such a snooze. I’m going with bullet points again.

  • Group date is first. There are too many guys right now for me to remember who was on it, and I’m not invested enough yet to care.
  • 451 more words
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The Girl Who Sees Smell: Episode 16 Recap (Final)

Episode 16: The Storm is over!

Cho Rim is missing from her room as the wedding procession starts. The cops look at CCTV for clues and they see Chef put an unconscious Cho Rim in an ambulance. 2,173 more words

Korean Drama

Poodeezy - SXSW Recap Part 1 (Video)

Check out SD’s own Poodeezy & Br8ve Ent. out at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Catch Pooder cruising & performing at different venues with Bigga Bands, Odoe, DollaBillGates & many more SD hitters. 13 more words


‘iZombie’ Recap Episode 11: Is This the Real Life?

By Courtney E. Smith

Last week’s episode was such a big iZombie, helmed by a conspiracy theory (proven to be true) that stretched all the way to the top of multi-national corporation Max Rager, that this week’s opening grisly murder in the mental hospital would feel like a let down if the victim weren’t the one guy who told Boyfriend that zombies are not only a real thing but a plague on Seattle. 246 more words