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Calvin Cheng Quotes

Quotes by Ex-NMP, Calvin Cheng (followed by a selection of rebuttals)

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QUOTE #1: “I was confident that it not in any way affect my ability to be impartial, objective and non-partisan.” — Calvin Cheng (

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Mister So & So

re The Tipping Point

click the link above for my rebuttal to a recent editorial in the Providence Journal discussing the subminimum wage.


click the link above if you like but it does not work.  22 more words

Beware :D (Video)

I gave the “:D” smiley after “Beware” so you guys think there’s something wrong with me and then click on the link. :D

This video about rebutting scammers is from Ownage Pranks. 108 more words


Christopher Hitchens debates William Lane Craig at Biola U: Does God Exist?

Here is the video of the debate:


MY NOTES ON THE DEBATE: (WC = William Lane Craig, CH = Christopher Hitchens) 2,725 more words


Words from A Twenty-Something Single: A Rebuttal to 3 Legit Reasons You Should Marry Young

Marriage is rad, or so I’m told. But do you really need to be married, and married young that is, to experience some good character building life lessons? 1,414 more words


Part 3 - The Ideal Gas Law and the NFL

I haven’t had a chance to read over the rebuttal provided by the Patriots, but here it is in “Context” (there word).  One interesting explaination is provided where the use of “deflator” and “inflation” is used to refer to weight loss and gain, as one of the figures tries to lose weight and another tries to gain weight (see, it’s all about being healthy employees!). 174 more words


DE PTA's Yvonne Johnson Responds To Mark Murphy On The Delaware Way! Must-Watch Video!

About a month ago, Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy appeared on The Delaware Way with Larry Mendte. On this controversial episode, Murphy told Mendte flat-out parents are not allowed to opt their children out of tests. 21 more words

Smarter Balanced Assessment