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Finally Gone

Finally Gone (John 14:27)

With this heart
Broken and aching
Awash with pain
As I was lost
In the chaos of my mind
My world in flames… 48 more words


Nepal: Rebuilding the Libraries

The link below is to an article that looks at the rebuilding process for libraries following the earthquakes in Nepal.

For more visit:



I feel like I’m rebuilding after a devastation. Shouldn’t I already be past this point? Devastation takes many forms, though. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. And can happen multiple times. 207 more words


This stone
On top of that stone
On top of this stone
On top of that stone
Until reality is rebuilt

When the edifice collapses… 80 more words

Compassion, Empathetic Burnout, and Distancing...

This past month, I experienced high levels of empathetic burnout (meaning, I left certain conversations and/or meetups feeling emotionally exhausted and extremely drained). These more recent days, I’ve been trying to rejuvenate myself at my apartment. 573 more words

Random Thoughts

Beyond Play : Changing the World through Sports

“Sport has established itself as an effective tool for development and peace-building. Sport for development and peace projects around the world have addressed many of the challenges society has faced.”-¬† 631 more words

Football For Life

He is -> so we can be.

As we walked home Sunday evening,  Pete and I got into a discussion about awareness. Being aware of who we are and whose we are, especially so on our own journey/s. 604 more words

A Bravehearted Life