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Drew Goddard es la primera opción para dirigir el reboot de "El Hombre Araña"

Al parecer, Marvel junto con Sony Pictures, quieren que la nueva aventura de “El Hombre Araña”, sea la mas grande que se haya hecho, ya que ambas han empezado a hacer las negociaciones para saber el nombre del director que, como sabemos, ya no contara con la participación de Andrew Garfield. 123 more words


Reboot films - Are they are good idea or are they set up to fail?

2015 will be a very interesting year for film. “Reboots” of past film franchises seem to be dominating the news and are bringing much excitement to the film industry. 439 more words

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Amazon hones its cloud update process

Remember that planned Xen-related reboot Amazon Web Services warned about last week? Well, things went better than planned, according to an updated blog post Monday. 135 more words

Drew Goddard In Line To Helm Spider-Man Reboot

Drew Goddard, who was lined up to helm the now in-doubt Spider-Man universe movie – Sinister Six, may be moving up to the top job. 90 more words

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Day 15: technically Pre-day 1 : what? 

does that make any sense to you? Probably not. So what is Day 15, technically pre day 1? Well it is this. I didn’t make it 30 days of straight juicing. 256 more words


Director Chosen For Spider-Man Reboot (Updated!)

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have decided on who will be at the helm for at least the first film in the new rebooted Spider-Man universe and it’s a gentlemen who’s no stranger to both movie studios. 323 more words