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  Today went surprisingly well, I was finally beginning to take my mind off “Maverick” and focus on different things, with the help of my ex… No sex involved!  203 more words

Breaking Up

Mets promote Michael Conforto to Double-A via Metsblog

The Mets have promoted OF prospect Michael Conforto to Double-A Binghamton, the team announced on Twitter.

Conforto had been named the Florida State League’s Player of the Week two times this season, where he was batting .283 with a .350 OBP, 7 HR, 12 doubles, 28 RBI and just 26 strike outs in 184 at bats.

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It Never Happened

If I don’t post it, does it mean it never happened?

If I don’t get a like, a retweet, a reblog or instantly go viral is it insignificant? 152 more words

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"If I don't post it, does it mean it never happened?" Whew...say that. Nicely written.

Does Magic Do Anything For Our Perception Of History

A while back, I wrote this post about vampires and history. This time round, I thought I’d focus on magic. This is, in part, thanks to the new Mr Norrell and Dr Strange TV series, which looks at what would happen if magic was around in the Napoleonic 19th century. 306 more words


Friday Bouquet #22

Karen at Healing Your Grief knows all about the enormous shock of suddenly losing a precious child. She lost her nine-year-old son to a car accident, and found a way to journey through the pain by writing about it in her blog. 138 more words


Okaaythen's Summer Giveaway!

Okay, guys, so this giveaway is basically because it’s Summer and that makes me incredibly happy.

However, to participate, I also want you to participate in my  950 more words


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:D okayythen, one of my favourite bloggers is doing a giveaway!!! VERY EXCITING MOMENT FOR ME IN LIFE :P!! Anyway, go on, enter, be kind. Also, seriously go follow her because, well, she is amazing ...


Have you ever written a blog post and wondered if people actually read every single word of it before they like, or comment on it? I do, all the time. 589 more words


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My bloguddy Paul makes an excellent point with his article today! Well stated!