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Monday Throwback

I’ve often battled that internal conflict between facets of my personality that don’t seem to easily coexist.

This week’s ‘throwback’ came out of one such period of time in my life. 28 more words


(Source: cheetahswolf, via wooden-folks)The awakened Quendi’s...

(Source: cheetahswolf, via wooden-folks)

The awakened Quendi’s view of the skies over the Cuiviénen as they experience the first waxing of light in the Two Trees’ cycle. 8 more words

GifSpam! Once Upon a Time

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The Diary Entries

Four Technology Fallacies That Need to Die

As any historian, psychologist, sociologist, or scientist will tell you, the truth of an idea has very little to do with how fast it spreads and how well it’s believed. 18 more words


On translating Arwa Saleh, ‘Looking for a Trace of the Present in a Trace of the Past’

Samah Selim spoke at Cairo University last Thursday, at a talk moderated by Nada Abdel Sobhi, on “Why We Transate: Some Notes on Love, Loss, and Longing. 18 more words


Isaac Asimov Explains the Origins of Good Ideas & Creativity in Never-Before-Published Essay

Where do ideas come from? The question has always had the potential to plague anyone trying to do anything worthwhile at any time in human history. 39 more words


Bare branches, redundant males

KHAPs are informal local councils in north-western India. They meet to lay down the law on questions of marriage and caste, and are among India’s most unflinchingly conservative institutions. 18 more words