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BIRMINGHAM WEEKENDER - Volunteers wanted

Between 25 – 27 September 2015, the city centre will come alive for an extraordinary weekend of high quality outdoor arts called Birmingham Weekender. Including independent street food traders, plenty of city fashion and style events and also the Rugby World Cup games at Villa Park, there’s never been so much going on in Birmingham! 342 more words


Summer Reruns

Or should I say “reblogs” …

The previous two posts are reblogs of earlier posts. Since I have many new followers, I have decided to reblog some of my earlier posts as the spirit moves me. 457 more words


Goody Goodelle

So Ye Olde Kid Sister (YOKS) calls me up this morning to wish me Happy Birthday and informs me that they renamed the street in front of the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub from Shawmut Street Extension to Cocoanut Grove Lane. 1,790 more words


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Did I mention that my mother was a compulsive worrier? (see previous reblog http://contrafactual.com/2015/07/06/welcome-to-the-future)

Welcome to the Future

Growing up in the Space Age

I was born at the dawn of the Space Age. In the span of time from kindergarten to high school, I had a front row seat to mankind’s first steps to the stars. 3,087 more words


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Kids growing up today have never known life without Google.

Dark corners... Sunshine

We all have those days where we retreat to the dark, comfy corners of our mind. The place where we crouch in the corner allowing the least happiest of moments to come out and play. 332 more words

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Very nice words and emotion here! :) -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

Losing a Boyfriend; Gaining a Sister

The story continues from my personal blog… Names have been changed to – well you get the idea.

Growing up I had only younger brothers. When I was 13 I gained an older step-brother and at 16 a newborn half-sister.

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