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Spring is well underway, and by now it’s on its way out.  However, keep in the back of your mind that the season of renewal and new life has just begun for some of nature’s citizens. 125 more words



I drew the mountains of snow-

Rather salty and bitter,

Like perfect ranges of my thought,

And being God was easy somehow

As I drew the lines thicker- 79 more words

Free Verse

The Wild Hunt

Deep in the night
When the sleeping ones sleep
Travel alone
To the darkest of groves
The owls will speak
And prey will shriek
If one listens within… 133 more words


A Memorable Day

Judge me on my lies and you will be pleased with my motives and actions.

Place value on me, based on my lies and you will hold me in the highest regard. 952 more words

In Search Of Truth

Past times

He who said that past times were better times, he knew not God or of God! Because in truth, God is the hope that brings gladness and joy and if one does because of the gladness and because of the joy, gladness and joy will give rebirth to one and God will acknowledge one with gladness and with joy as reborn alive and it will be as if one were born for the very first time!



From the top of the cellar steps

I see her

crouch down

and part her legs.

Effortlessly, an egg looms large

beneath her

and in the gloom I watch her… 53 more words

"Rebirth" A Conceptual visual

Straight from the styling trio of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fashionable Demand’s latest conceptual work of art features the group’s very own aspiring Creative Director, Michael Ja’Ameer. The title of this conceptual visual is “Rebirth”, the idea for the concept came from my constant self-reflection about Fashionable Demand’s place within MKE’s fashion community. 770 more words