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Beast Blades, Chapter 8: Sparing General Aldrick

Tara splashed through the river calling out Lucas’ name, and Apollos sat upon General Aldrick’s chest, quivering in rage. “Choose your next words carefully, they’ll be your last!” 1,754 more words


Why Star Wars worked better for me on TV

Well, guys sorry for the hiatus, but at least I mentioned about it earlier. So today, I was just sitting by and relaxing as I had just come back from a hectic trip all the way from Delhi. 1,357 more words


Report: Clinton OK'd gunrunning through Qatar

A former superior court judge says that Hillary Clinton approved an arms deal to send weapons to rebels in Libya and Syria through Qatari middlemen when she was secretary of state.  262 more words

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Holy balls look at the multiplayer gameplay in this star wars trailer

Multiplayer gaming will never stop being addictive and amazing. Beating the shit out of your buddy or some random newb feels almost as good as tea bagging the shit out of him right after you pwn him. 47 more words


Mosque blast kills 25 Al Nusra militants

An explosion in a mosque in northern Syria killed 25 members of Al Qaida’s Syrian affiliate, including one of its leaders, as they attended Ramadan prayers, a monitoring group said Friday. 189 more words


Syrian rivals locked in heavy clashes over Aleppo

A rebel alliance and Syrian government forces have been locked in a battle in and around Aleppo city with President Bashar al-Assad’s regime seeking to repel major offensive with heavy air strikes. 239 more words


Rebels True

I had a plan, a beautiful plan, a plan that involved getting back to the type of writing I think I do best – anecdotes.  Those little stories where I heighten a piece and it turns into one of my goofy, isn’t life just ridiculous? 1,522 more words