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Spring has Sprung - Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm

I was honestly planning that the next ‘down on the farm’ post was going to be a virtual tour of the new chicken coop. But I haven’t even taken those pictures yet. 442 more words

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Sleepy Hollow - TV Series Review

Sleepy Hollow (2013)

Genre: Horror/Paranormal
Complete or Ongoing: Two seasons complete, third season pending.
Length: 31 episodes (13 in season one, 18 in season two.) 670 more words

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For lack of anything else to post...

Whoo, I did the income taxes today! We are getting way more money back than I thought we would. Mr. Loper also got a bonus this week at work. 157 more words

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There's an old saying...

Well. I don’t know how ‘old’ exactly, but it’s commonly said around these parts.

“If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait five minutes.”

504 more words
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How To Kill Your Muse in 11 Easy Steps (And a Ferret Resurrection!)

Step One: Watch as all your November plans blow up in your face.
Step Two: Try to catch the shrapnel.
Step Three: Take far too much time with Step Two. 293 more words