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Why We All Need Logic

In college I took a class called Symbolic Logic. It was taught in the philosophy department and replaced a math class. I was amazed by the ability of verbal arguments to be reduced to symbols and then be proven true or false. 777 more words


Clear thinking: two examples of sound reasoning

Continuing our acknowledgement of sound reasoning, here are two examples that we have recently found.

The first is from an article in the Weekend Oz… 528 more words


An example of sound reasoning: Jim Reid from Deutsche Bank

The Stebbing-Heuer Project devotes most of its pixels to uncovering, advertising and demonstrating examples of poor reasoning and drawing lessons from these. While this is a necessary for the task of improving the quality of reasoning in the world, it is not sufficient for that task – we should also uncover and advertise sound reasoning and its fruit – pithy insight. 233 more words


House prices only go up - the 'Russell's Chicken' Fallacy

Seven weeks ago, I wrote about the appalling article in the Australian talking about house prices, which contained this line:

Australian property prices are not in danger of crashing despite record low interest rates spurring sustained price growth in the key Sydney and Melbourne markets, with a gradual slowdown more likely as additional supply enters the market over the next 12 months.

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'Killing Nemtsov': a flurry of hypotheses, to muddy the waters

The recommended approach to solving a mystery is to:

  • make a collection of primary data – whatever facts can be gathered in the first instance;
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Islamic Failure Series - Episode 65 - Naive Quran from Surah 2 where Science beautifully debunks it

The Islamic Failure Series – Episode 65 – Naive Quran from Surah 2 where Science beautifully debunks it

If you hear two persons, one telling the other the following phrase: 1,077 more words


Neuroscience and art: a threnody


What is the functional purpose of the current trends of neuroscience? to produce understanding? or perhaps to produce better means of control? More to say; but first, a bit of prophesy: 1,813 more words