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In search of happiness!

I think that we are all here to be happy. So the question – how does one be happy? So first off, though I was not happy at all times I thought that it was possible. 654 more words



I hadn’t had any sleep,
In bed I can only weep.
I was beside you all along,
But it felt like everything is wrong.

Today is the day that it will end, 319 more words


Is there a reason?

We have been taught the rules of engagement between particles based on findings of scientists. There is a rule that talks about the relation between cause and effect and there is another that I know of that says that the observed is affected by the observant! 907 more words


Your Purpose

What on Earth are You here for?

Something is driving everyone’s life. You are motivated by something. Whether you realize it or not, you are living according to some basic assumption. 340 more words


The Mind is a Truly Wonderful Thing

The mind is a truly wonderful thing
I paint masterpieces with my thoughts
And compose music in my dreams

Sometimes I think the reason we have… 15 more words


I Would Have Despaired

I Would Have Despaired

With all the bad stuff  going on,  people can easily think  of reasons  for justifying their despair  in many situations.     One might even raise their eyebrows  and wonder about what King David said  in… 454 more words


Life lesson 

Thus far in life, I have learned that no one can ever truly fathom what people are fully capable of doing. People change daily as the imprints of the lines in your palms. 29 more words