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Under Fallen

And so now I think I understand that feeling of “freefall”

Free to plummet at the speed you’re given

Free to land, or not

Free to crash

To hurt


'The last part of a man to be converted is his wallet.'

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church once said, ‘The last part of a man to be converted is his wallet.’

Money can really grip our souls and stop us from blessing others. 617 more words


This Haiku: Some Are Sowers

I wish to soothe too

Since I’m just a seed planter

I’ll pretend I do

It's Coming

do you ever get upset when ‘the wrong person’ gets anything this life has deemed gain? maybe they have something you want? did they go about getting ‘said thing’ contrary to your belief system and you’ve been playing by the rules? 68 more words


Sunday School Notes 4-26-2015

Scripture: Galatians 6:6-10 (HCSB)

Doing Good

Opening Questions

  • What does it mean for us to have a servant’s heart?
    • It means we always seek to do good, even to those who hate us.
  • 556 more words
Gorman Student Ministry

STEM Education – Acting Locally

By Robert Galteland, PE, LEED AP, DBIA, President & CEO

STEM education is critically important to today’s and tomorrow’s economy. Much has been written about this subject in leading publications and the need for more STEM educated people in the workforce in the future. 657 more words

A/E Industry


I can feel my life beginning to move again.  It’s almost like it’s been winter, not only in season but in practice as well and though winter has it’s time and I loved it and the warmth and comfort of the person I was wrapped up in it with,fiercely and undeniably, now the ice is beginning to melt and the rivers and streams of my life and my blood are starting to flow with new life and new passion.   210 more words